Regain Access To Your Hacked Growtopia Account Immediately

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How To Recover Your Hacked Growtopia Account

The answer is YES. Of course, DoNotPay's online services can help . But before we explain how DoNotPay can help recover a hacked Growtopia account, we'll explain how you can do it yourself. We're sure once you see what it takes, you'll be glad DoNotPay decided to start their online service.

How Can You Tell if A Growtopia Account Has Been Hacked?

that allows individuals to build and visit worlds. Some hackers breach accounts and steal gems or other game artifacts purchased through in-app ads and stores. Other hackers use the hacked account to access the payment information associated with a user profile. Hacks are often detected from:

  1. Stolen Artifacts
  2. Unusual Payments
  3. Unable to Access Account
  4. Unusual Log in Behavior

If you experience these behaviors, change your password immediately.

Stolen Artifacts

Game artifacts cost money. Players can earn them, but most people will buy them. Although they don't have value outside the game, many of them were purchased with funds, so the hackers are robbing players of items of value. The hackers may not take other information, but most will access payment information if available.

Unusual Payments

If you detect unusual activity on your Growtopia account, check the payment history for the account or card you used to set up the account. Even if you don't detect anything unusual, it's best practice to check charges for all accounts. Many hackers send through a small value charge to see if the account is valid. Once they have verification, they will send through larger value charges.

Unable to Access Accounts

If you attempt to log in and can't, hackers may have changed the password on the account. If you still have access to the email used to set up the account, you should be able to get back into the account. If you don't, you may have more difficulty.

Unusual Logins

If you're notified that someone has logged in, you need to ensure the individual is an authorized user. Growtopia doesn't prevent individuals from sharing credentials so if you've shared your credentials be sure to check with all parties.

What to Do if Your Growtopia Account Was Hacked

If your account was hacked, but you can still access it, change your password immediately. If you can't get access, try the following steps. You don't need access to your account for this process.

  1. Go to the Growtopia game site.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Scroll down to the article entitled Recovering Your Growtopia Account. If the article isn't present, type the title into the search box,
  4. Select the article.
  5. Click on the credential you want to recover --GrowID or password. An email will be sent to the address on file.

If you do not have access to that email, the Growtopia site may not be able to recover the account. You will need to contact Support with documentation of purchases made through your account.

How to Contact Support

You have one option for contacting customer support.

  • Click on the message icon at the lower right of the screen.
  • Enter a topic to start a conversation with the chatbot.

No other options are available through the website. The game is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

How DoNotPay Can Help You Recover Your Growtopia account

If you want to recover your Growtopia account but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in three easy steps:

  1. Open the Recover Hacked Account product on DoNotPay and tell us the name of the company or platform of your hacked account.
  2. Enter the information associated with your account, such as your username.
  3. Tell us whether you have paid for the account and would like a refund.
  4. And that’s it! We will send a demand letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for the company’s representatives to help you recover your account.

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Why Use DoNotPay?

Many online gaming solutions are headquartered outside the country such as Growtopia, making it difficult to contact them except online. DoNotPay is designed to work with online services, making recovering your accounts easier.

FastDoNotPay's process takes three simple steps and that includes sending a demand letter. Instead of going back and forth with a chatbot, you provide DoNotPay with the details, and they take it from there.
EasyDoNotPay ensures encryption during transaction processing and reduces the amount of personal information it retains. You can rest easy that DoNotPay is keeping your data safe.
SuccessfulCreating a demand letter that gets action or repeating a process until a response is received. These actions ensure that a task gets done.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from recovering your online accounts, there are many other services that DoNotPay can do for you:

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