How to Cancel Your Google Express Order in 3 Steps

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Cancel Google Express Orders the Easy Way

Google Express, aka "Google Shopping", is Google's online shopping and delivery service, similar to Amazon. Like Amazon, Google Express is merely a nexus for other stores (about two thousand). As a result, it is trickier to return or , because you will have to figure out whether to deal with Google exclusively or the original vendor as well.

DoNotPay has compiled a helpful guide and automated services to assist you in canceling a Google Express order, refunding it, initiating a chargeback, or even taking them to small claims court – and it's easier than you might think. We also have several unique services built to help cut down customer service wait times, facilitate refunds, and initiate chargebacks if a simple order cancellation does not resolve your issue with Google Express.

How to Cancel a Google Express Order

The Google Shopping help page states that an order can "typically" be . It further states that you can cancel an order immediately after making it "before it is too far along in the process." Then, it cautions that process times vary – implying that the exact window of time will vary.

Between all those lines, it's up to the customer to never assume the best from Google and watch your order at every stage so you are sure it's being fulfilled correctly. DoNotPay doesn't think people should have to babysit their vendors and learn their job for them, but being what it is, we've compiled the following guide to help you make short work of it while including certain of our time-saving products where relevant.

The Google Express cancellation process is as follows:

  1. Click the three-lined ≡ menu icon
  2. Click on "Orders"
  3. If it can be canceled, you'll see a "Cancel order" option
  4. If that option is not available, the order is already in process. When that's the case, select cancellation request instead.

Note that, for some reason, first-time order credits are not refunded if the order is canceled. If possible, you can simply open a new account, but it necessitates any or all new payment, contact info, and/or address in that case. See this Reddit thread regarding this issue. One commenter reported getting a replacement code when they reached out through live chat (rather than email support) when they explained the situation.

Here is the Google Express contact info if you need to get confirmation on a or follow it up (which is important to do to make sure your issue doesn't fall through the cracks):

Google Express Help PageGoogle Shopping Guide
Google Express ChatChat/Virtual Agent
Google FacebookFacebook Account
Google TwitterTwitter Account
Google Shopping Phone Support855-869-4949
Google Corporate Address1600 Amphitheater Parkway

Mountain View, California, [94043]


If all of this seems too time-consuming, you can use DoNotPay to help cancel your online orders in just a few easy steps.

What to Do If a Google Express Order Cancellation Option Is Not Available

The most common hurdle for canceling a Google Express order is when the merchant has already started the order process, in which case their cancellation policy usually takes precedence over Google's. If they don't begin the process within the cancellation window (typically 30 days), you should be able to cancel the order manually as described above. If this is the case, there is probably some supply or other issue which would give you leverage to use in your cancellation request, if an automatic cancellation is not available to you.

For example, you could include in your communications about the cancellation request that you needed the item for a time-sensitive reason, and because of the approx. 30-day delay, you had to purchase it from another vendor. If the item is more of a staple or necessity (food, medicine, houseware, etc.), you might include a short paragraph explaining the difficulty that not having it within a reasonable time frame has caused you and your family.

Some customers are placed in a frustrating catch 22 where Google instructs customers to contend with the supplier, research their cancellation policy, and contact them for relief – but then that company instructs the customer to contact Google for cancellation instructions. We recommend using this, or any inexact instructions from Google, as an opportunity to mildly hammer Google or any big-box retailer involved into caving in since they now have a track record of incompetence and having wasted your time.

In the reverse case, you can also insist that the supplier work directly with you since Google stated that they were deferring to them. To this end, it is best to get something in writing from Google so you can prove to the supplier that they have one less reason to deny you or pass the buck. To make this happen without further wasting your time, DoNotPay can help connect you directly with a live customer service rep when dealing with the merchant or Google Express.

If some tactical communication doesn't get it done, you can refuse the order upon delivery. This is yet another service DoNotPay provides our subscribing members. We can process returns for you or help you prepare the right documents for physically returning the product to the nearest company outlet, if applicable. It increases the odds of getting your way without increasing your cortisol!

How to Request a Refund from Google Express

If it's already too late to cancel – or you think your cancellation request was wrongly denied – you can follow the refund process according to the Google Shopping Refunds & Returns help page.

To begin, Google instructs customers to contact the seller if the order was placed directly through their website, rather than Google's, and each seller has their own return policy. Items purchased through Google Express can be returned in new or as-delivered condition within 30 days of the delivery date. (Note: If the "as-delivered" condition is worse than advertised, take pictures while it is still in the original packaging if at all possible.) Whether the item has free return shipping or fees is explained on the Google Express item details page.

Some refunds are easy to obtain or even automatic under certain conditions. According to Google's Guarantee, these conditions include:

  • The item never arrived
  • A wrong item arrived
  • An item in poor condition
  • The item was returned properly, but the merchant did not issue a refund

When there is a problem with a return, Google asks users to contact them through their virtual agent/chat (see table above). Google Express will either forward you to the merchant, Google customer support, or a "Google specialist" who will review the situation.

Note that Google's Guarantee requires you to wait two days for the merchant to respond before initiating a refund and that you comply with their terms and conditions. They also only cover up to $2,500. Do not initiate a chargeback until after exhausting your reliance on the Google Guarantee, because a chargeback will stop them from assisting you.

After you've leveraged the Google Guarantee to the fullest extent possible, DoNotPay can help you initiate a chargeback through your credit card provider if your attempt at a refund is blocked. This must be done carefully and with well-documented reasons to be successful.

Request a Prepaid Return Label From Google Express Using DoNotPay

Check the item details in your Google Express order to see if the return will be free or carry a fee. Either way, DoNotPay can simplify the process with our streamlined Return Purchase service. This is especially useful if the cancellation and return window has passed. Companies are more likely to give a favorable response when they see that they will have to contend with us rather than individual customers because we have automated systems, full-time staff, and bulk negotiation leverage that they would prefer not to deal with.

Is Google Express Being Difficult? DoNotPay Can Help You Send demand letters to Them

If Google Express is causing you issues and denying you a cancellation in violation of their terms of service (you can read our breakdown of Google's Terms of Service here), DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to in small claims court. We've been increasing access to previously overly expensive industry services, and we've even been recognized by the American BAR Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Access for doing so.

Why go it alone, when you can rely on the world's first AI Consumer Champion to turn the tables on bureaucracy and corporate abuse once and for all.

Use DoNotPay to Help Dispute Your Google Express Payment

There is no reason to accept Google's misuse and abuse of payment processing for faulty orders anymore. Simply follow these easy steps to dispute your Google Express payment today:

  1. Search for the Cancel Anything product on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of the company you need to cancel your order/payment with.

  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

That's all it takes, and DoNotPay will compose the perfect cancellation letter on your behalf.

DoNotPay Is a Streamlined Red Tape Cutting Machine

This works for countless companies, not just Google Express. See our other popular order cancellation guides:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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