Fastest Way to Recover Your Hacked Facebook Ads Account

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Regain Access To Your Hacked Facebook Ads Account

and other accounts has become a common thing these days. Hackers always find ways to hack into your account without being detected by you or the company that owns it. They use various methods to do this, but social engineering is one of the most popular ones. By hacking one's account, they give you the task of recovering it, which many people cannot do.

Since recovering has become a challenge to most people, it is crucial to know how to recover hacked Facebook ads accounts properly.

What To Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Was Hacked

If you suspect that your Facebook ads account was hacked, there are several things that you should do. The first step would be to check if your account was hacked. After confirming that the account is hacked, follow the following step by step procedure:

  1. Boot All Users Out

The first thing that you need to do after detecting that your Facebook ads account is hacked is boot all users out of the account. This means that you will need to remove all users from the account and delete their access tokens.

  1. Remove All Cookies From Browser

After deleting cookies from the browser, make sure that you also clear the cache. You can also remove the history of your browsing activity from the browser.

  1. Change Password And Login Details

After removing all cookies and clearing the cache, change the password and login details of the account. It is recommended that you change the password at least once every week.

  1. Request Help From Facebook Ads Team

Once you've done everything mentioned above, request help from the Facebook Ads team. If you don't get any response from them, contact an IT specialist who specializes in dealing with such issues.

The step-by-step procedure above may be frustrating, but it is worth doing since it helps you protect your account from other hacks.

How To Tell If Your Facebook Ad Account Was Hacked

There are sure signs that indicate whether your Facebook ads account was indeed hacked or not. Some of the signs include:

Strange Account Activity

One of the main reasons hackers hack Facebook ads accounts is that they want to create fake traffic. Since they already have access to your account, they can easily manipulate the activities of your account. For example, they could post links to pages that lead to spam websites.

Inappropriate Content

Another reason hackers hack Facebook ads is that they want to steal information from the account. For example, a hacker might upload inappropriate content to your account. This includes pictures, videos, and even text messages.

Check Your Viewing Activity

You can tell if someone has accessed your Facebook ads account by checking your viewing activity. When you log into your account, you'll see a list of all the campaigns run. If you notice that some of the views were generated by bots instead of real human beings, then you know that your account was hacked.

What To Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Username/Password Was Changed

There are different ways to go through this:

Filling An Official Compliant With The Service

This method involves filling out an official complaint with the service. This means that you must fill out a form on the Facebook website and provide all the necessary information about the problem. Once you submit the complaint, Facebook will send you a message informing you of their action regarding the issue.

Talking To The Financial Institution If It Is A Paid Service

If your account is a paid service account, it is essential to talk to the financial institution making payment to stop making the payment. This will prevent the hacker from reaccessing your account.

Using Backup Email Address

You can also recover your hacked Facebook Ad account by using recovery email. The following procedure can be used:

  1. Log in to your email account.
  2. Click on the link sent to you via email.
  3. Enter the username and password for the account.
  4. Select the "Forgot Password" option.
  5. You will receive another email asking you to confirm your new password.
  6. Confirm the new password and click on the link provided in the email.
  7. Now you should be able to log in to your account.

Recovering Hacked Facebook Ad Account With The Help Of DoNotPay

Recovering your hacked Facebook Ad account may be pretty frustrating using the DIY procedure discussed. In addition, you may face challenges when your hacked account password is changed as well as the username ending up not recovering your account.

If you want to recover your account but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open the Recover Hacked Account product on DoNotPay and tell us the name of the company or platform of your hacked account.
  2. Enter the information associated with your account, such as your username.
  3. Tell us whether you have paid for the account and would like a refund.
  4. And that’s it! We will send a demand letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for the company’s representatives to help you recover your account.

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Why Use DoNotPay To Recover a Hacked Facebook Ad Account?

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