Does O'Reilly's Price Match?

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Does O'Reilly's Price Match?

O'Reilly Auto Parts is one of the most renowned names in the car parts industry. The company has more than 5000 stores in the US alone. With more than 20 stores in Mexico, the company wants to be the leading supplier of auto parts. The supplier offers competitive pricing and high-quality products. Aside from this, O'Reilly Auto Parts offers a price match policy too. This step is to make sure they stand ahead of the curve.

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People often struggle with finding the answer to "does O’Reilly price match." While there are many others who are struggling with "does O’Reilly price adjust". Are you struggling with the same questions? We've curated a guide that will cover all the important points about the O’reilley price match.

The short answer is yes. O'Reilly offers a , and its policy is known as auto price low price guarantee. However, the policy applies to retail stores only. They can lower the price from the local competitors near you. Here is the list of local competitors who’s prices will be matched by the store.

Common Competitors that O’Reilly will Match Prices with
  • AutoZone
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • PepBoys
  • All other traditional "car part" retailers

Note that Home Depot, Walmart, and other competitors might not be included in the list.

Eligibility Requirements For O'Reilly Price Match

To be eligible for , you need to meet certain requirements. Have a look at the two main conditions for a price match.

  1. The product for which you're applying should be in-stock at both parties
  2. The warranty period available at both stores should be the same

Does O'Reilly Price Match At Online Stores?

Unfortunately, no. O'Reilly does not price at online stores. There are many reasons for which O'Reilly does not match prices for online stores.

How To Request O'Reilly Price Match Policy?

O'Reilly, similar to other companies, offers a price match policy. If you wish to request a price match, you need to follow a few steps. Let's have a look at them:

  1. Go to the O'Reilly store and find your favorite item
  2. Research for the same product, same model, and brand at another competitor site
  3. Double-check whether or not the product is excluded as per O'Reilly
  4. Head over to the O'Reilly store and talk to the store associate
  5. Show them the right proof (it can be an advertisement that reveals the price of the item)
  6. Store associate will verify the details and your request to the store manager

If you've submitted the right and proof, the manager will lower the price.

Other Ways To Save At O'Reilly Auto Parts Store Purchase

Aside from the price match policy, there are other ways to save at O'Reilly. These include:

  • Rebates that you can find at the O’Reilly website
  • Recent store discounts and other special discounts
  • 10% discount on veteran, active-duty, and reserve military service members
  • O'Rewards at Here members can save $5 by spending $150

Does O'Reilly Price Match With RockAuto?

A big No! O'Reilly does not price match with RockAuto. The reason is that RockAuto is a fully online company. They don’t have the same amount of overhead associated with running a brick and mortar store. So O'Reilly is currently unable to price match with its online competitors.

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