Does La-Z-Boy Price Match?

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How to Take Advantage of a La-Z-Boy Price Match?

Getting a price match/adjustment is one of the easiest hacks when it comes to saving money. Whether you're looking to save money at a popular clothing store or an online retailer like Amazon, everyone can benefit from a few extra dollars in their pocket.

With that said, La-Z-Boy is one of the best companies offering quality furniture. If you're in the market for new furniture for your home, finding ways to save money through a La-Z-Boy price match is likely at the top of your to-do list.

Here at DoNotPay, we make it easier for you to find the information you need to save money. If you're ready to learn whether you can , read on to find out whether La-Z-Boy has a program in place and why DoNotPay is the best solution when it comes to price matching with any store.

Will La-Z-Boy Match Their Prices for Customers?

Yes. La-Z-Boy does if they've found a better price elsewhere. But there are some requirements to know before attempting to get a lower price.

Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:30 days to request a price adjustment
Price Matches:Any local La-Z-Boy store within a 50-mile radius or factory-authorized website
Exclusions:Clearance and Hot Buy products
Where to redeem:In-store with a salesperson

La-Z-Boy prides itself on offering the lowest price possible for all shoppers. For this reason, they have established a La-Z-Boy Price Match Guarantee that enables shoppers to get a lower price on a furniture item with a few stipulations.

Policy Conditions

The conditions that must be met for La-Z-Boy's Price Match Guarantee include:

  • Products cannot be part of a Clearance or Hot Buy promotion.
  • La-Z-Boy will only adjust prices if you find the price at a store within a 50-mile radius of where you're purchasing.
  • Price-matching at a factory-authorized website is only valid if the website delivers within a 50-mile radius of a La-Z-Boy store.
  • The product that you're price-matching must be in new or good condition to qualify.

Can You Match Prices With Another Furniture Store Brand?

La-Z-Boy only allows shoppers to adjust prices for a product at one of their stores. Additionally, the La-Z-Boy store must be within a 50-mile radius. Any store located outside of this radius will not qualify for a guaranteed price match.

How to Successfully Match Prices With La-Z-Boy

You can redeem a La-Z-Boy price match deal while shopping in stores. If you plan on getting furniture or just recently bought your furniture within 30 days, read on to learn what steps you'll need to take to get your furniture price adjusted with ease.

  1. Visit your preferred La-Z-Boy furniture store.
  2. Find the product that you want to purchase and gather the information provided on its label. Some important information to gather would include the exact name of the product and the product number.
  3. If you're price-matching with a factory-authorized website, you will need to go to that website and type in the product information to see the reflected price. If you're price-matching with another La-Z-Boy store within a 50-mile radius, go to the website and input the product information to see the reflected price.
  4. If the regular price of the product is lower, La-Z-Boy will offer you a lower price. Just find a local salesperson and show them the lower price. They will do their own verification check and adjust the price if it qualifies.

Other Ways to Save With La-Z-Boy

Price-matching isn't the only way to save with La-Z-Boy. Shoppers can also take advantage of La-Z-Boy's sales section, which offers ongoing discounts without compromising style. Shoppers can find great discounts on a variety of furniture pieces, including recliners, chairs, sofas, loveseats, sectional pieces, and more. What's even better is that shoppers can save hundreds of dollars on their purchases.

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