Does GEICO Price Match?

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Does GEICO Price Match?

If you drive a car, most states require that you have an insurance policy on that car. All insurance companies offer various policies at different price ranges to allow you to pick the amount of coverage that you want while also being able to meet your budget.

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Does GEICO Have a Price Match Policy?

No, guarantee on the price of their policies. The price that a customer pays for car insurance can vary greatly depending on various circumstances, including:

  • Make and model of the car that is being insured
  • Type of coverage
  • Driving history
  • Age of the driver
  • Geographic location
  • Driver's credit score

Because there are so many different factors that affect how much an insurance company will charge you for coverage, it is difficult for GEICO to match any other insurance company's rates. However, GEICO does offer discounts and boasts that most of its customers are able to save an average of 15% a year when they switch to GEICO.

How to Save Money by Using GEICO

; however, there are still several ways to save money while using its services. Here is a look at some of the various discounts that GEICO offers its customers.

1. Membership Discounts

GEICO has partnered with over 800 different organizations to offer special pricing to any member that has an active membership with these organizations. You can visit GEICO's Membership Discount page to see if they have partnered with an organization that you belong to.

2. Military Discount

If you are in the National Reserves or the National Guard, retired from the military, or currently on active duty, you may be eligible to save money on your insurance premiums. Military members can save up to 15% on their premiums annually. Also, GEICO has a special Emergency Deployment Discount program that offers special discounts to Military members that are deployed to dangerous areas of the world.

3. Multiple Policy Discounts

GEICO's multi-policy discount programs allow you to save a significant amount of money each year when you bundle your home and car insurance together. If you don't own your home, you can also save by bundling your renters' insurance with your car insurance.

4. Senior Citizen Discounts

If you are over the age of 50, you may qualify for special discounts that are offered by GEICO. Some car insurance companies will charge older drivers higher premiums and can even cancel your policy after you have reached a certain age. GEICO's Prime Time discount is for customers that are over the age of 50, have no traffic violations in the past three years, and do not have any drivers under the age of 25 on their policy.

The Prime Time discount is only available in these states:

  • Wisconsin
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Indiana
  • North Dakota
  • Alabama
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Arkansas
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Arizona
  • Idaho
  • Utah
  • Nebraska
  • Virginia
  • Missouri

5. Motorcycle Discounts

GEICO offers several discounts for motorcycle drivers. For instance, you can get a 10% discount if you put more than one motorcycle on your insurance policy. You could also receive an additional 10% discount if you have completed the motorcycle safety course. Visit GEICO's Motorcycle Insurance Discounts page for a full list of discounts that are offered to motorcycle owners.

What Other Discounts Does GEICO Offer Its Customers?

and personalized discounts for a wide range of customers. Here is a look at some of the other discounts that the company offers.

Driver Education DiscountsYesBirthday DiscountsNo
Federal Employment DiscountsYesDefensive Driving DiscountsYes
Student DiscountsYesFrontline Worker DiscountsNo

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