Does GameStop Price Match?

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The Ins and Outs of GameStop's Price Match Policy

Gamestop is a great place for gamers because you can buy PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo games here along with systems, accessories, and consoles. But until early 2021, many people were unhappy about the fact that Gamestop did not price match. As of February 2022, there is still no indication on Gamestop's website that they price match. However, many articles dated April 2021 suggest that .

If you're a gamer, then you know that there's always something new coming up in the gaming world — new games, new versions of old games, new systems, consoles, etc. So it makes sense to price match if you want to get the cheapest price possible for your gaming products. However, you may not be sure if the store where you are buying your gaming products offers price-matching. And even if they do, how do you go about redeeming money you've already paid for a certain product?

This is where DoNotPay can step in. If you think that you might be eligible for price-matching, but you're not entirely sure how to go about getting your money back, just go to the DoNotPay Price Match product and enter all the information you have at hand about your product. DoNotPay will do the rest.

Does Gamestop Price Match?

is a little confusing. So here's what you need to know about it:

  • There is no indication on Gamestop's website that they do any price-matching or price adjustment.
  • However, a number of sources on the internet, including Screenrant and Fantavision suggest that Gamestop is price matching in stores even if they are not doing so online.
  • As per Fantavision, Gamestop is price-matching with Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart,, etc.
  • Fantavision states that when you go on in and tell them you want to price match, a Gamestop employee will look up where you saw the lower price and match it. But of course, they will not tell you if there is a more affordable price available elsewhere. In other words, you will have to do the research yourself before you go to the store.
  • The price-matching does not apply to flash specials and bundled offers.

How Else Can You Save Money at Gamestop?

There are a few other ways to save money when you shop at Gamestop.

PowerUp Rewards

Apart from the in-store price-matching, Gamestop does offer a PowerUp rewards program. Here's what you need to know about this program:

  1. When you join the PowerUp rewards program, you get 10,000 bonus points (equivalent to $10) and $5 every month. You also earn 20 points for each dollar you spend.
  2. You'll need to exchange the points you have for coupons that you can then use when buying anything at Gamestop.
  3. You get points when you buy items at stores and at
  4. You'll get the points 24-48 hours after you make your purchase.
  5. If you don't make any purchase within 12 months, your points will expire.
  6. You'll also get early access to console sales and drops when you join the program.

Selling Used Items

In addition to price-matching at stores and joining their PowerUp rewards program, you can also save money by selling used items at Gamestop. Here's what you need to know about this option:

  1. You can get cash or credit when you bring used items to Gamestop. However, if you opt for credit, you will get about 20% more.
  2. Gamestop will take your used iPhones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, headphones, video games, consoles, video game accessories, etc.
  3. If you have anything from the following brands, you can take it to Gamestop to see if they will be interested in acquiring it: Samsung, Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation.
  4. If your item/brand is not mentioned above, you can still take it along and see if Gamestop will give you any money or credits for it.
  5. Make sure your item doesn't have any personal information when you take it to the store.

Where Else Can You Price Match Video Games?

Obviously, there's a big market for video games and if you're really interested in having the latest items in the gaming universe, it makes sense to price match. Some of the big retailers who sell video games and can price match them for you include Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Although Amazon is also a big retailer of video games, they do not price match anymore.

If you're a video game enthusiast and you're just looking for good deals on gaming consoles, accessories, games etc., you can try Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin, or Nintendo eShop.

Why Should You Use DoNotPay to Price Match Video Games?

Although Gamestop's website doesn't indicate that they price match, there is some indication that they do price match in their stores. However, Gamestop and other video game retailers all have their own rules and regulations regarding price matching. It may be difficult to figure these out, considering that the Gamestop website doesn't give any information.

As a result, it makes sense to use DoNotPay to price match any items you may have already bought from Gamestop or any other major video game retailer. It's a simple process which means that you won't have to sit down and do a lot of research about what that retailer's rules are regarding price matching or price adjustment. You just tell DoNotPay what you know and rely on the Price Match product to do the rest.

If you want to find the best prices but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.

  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.

  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased so we can see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we’ll double-check for you.

Additionally, keep in mind that DoNotPay can also help you to find the best deals on a product that you're looking to buy. You'll need to use their Find the Best Deals service, and they'll find the best three options for you. Alternatively, you can use their Deals and Coupons service to find any deals and coupons for the product you're looking to buy.

Where Else Can DoNotPay Help You to Price Match?

Keep in mind that DoNotPay doesn't only help you to price match when it comes to video games. It can also help you price match several other purchases at a number of retailers.

Gamestop is a great place for gamers who like to acquire the latest consoles, games and accessories. However, their price-matching policy is confusing, given that there is conflicting information about it. It makes more sense for you to go through DoNotPay to do your price matching at Gamestop or any other video game retailer. And keep in mind that DoNotPay can help you price match any item and find the best deals if you haven't yet made your purchase.


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