Does Bass Pro Price Match?

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Does Bass Pro Price Match?

Bass Pro Shops is one of the largest chains focusing on selling hunting, camping, and fishing gear and apparel. There are Bass Pro locations across the United States, and their stores are regarded as being fun to visit, in addition to having an assortment of merchandise. Customers may want to lower the costs of goods, though, and price adjustments at Bass Pro Shops could help.

Through price adjustments, also called price matching, a customer can take advantage of a lower price that is offered at a different store. If you want to shop at Bass Pro, but there is a cheaper price at Walmart, price matching can get you the Walmart price at Bass Pro. , though?

Even though price matching can be a great way to save money, it can be confusing. DoNotPay can help make it easier to find out if you can get with our Price Match product.

Does Bass Pro Have a Price Match Policy?

Yes, policy! With this program, Bass Pro Shops customers can take advantage of lower prices offered by competitors. If you can prove that a product is sold at a cheaper price at a nearby retailer, Bass Pro will sell it to you at that same price.

Company:Bass Pro Shops
Price Match?Yes
Time-Frame: At the time of purchase
Price Matches:Dick's Sporting Goods, Amazon, Academy, + more
Exclusions:Services offered by Bass Pro, loyalty programs from other stores

How Price Adjustments Work at Bass Pro

Details about the Bass Pro Shops price match program can be found on the Bass Pro website. To take advantage of price matching, a customer has to use the price of an item that is within 100 miles of their Bass Pro location. If you want to save money through price adjustments, you must also find a product that is the same brand and model as the one offered at a competing store.

If a qualifying product and proof of a lower price are brought to Bass Pro Shops, a customer can save money through price adjustments. Members of the Bass Pro loyalty program CLUB can save even more. They receive an additional 5% discount on the price match price.

How You Can Use Bass Pro Shops’ Price Match

Any Bass Pro Shops customer can save money through price matching if they find a better deal at a qualifying store. This can be done both in-person and when shopping online.

When shopping in person, find proof that a product is offered at a better price elsewhere. Then, when shopping at Bass Pro, make sure to find that exact product, down to the same color. When you go to the check-out, present your proof, and Bass Pro will sell the product at the lower price.

To get price adjustments when shopping online, it is also important to pick the exact product that is being sold for less elsewhere. To get the lower price, call Bass Pro customer service. If you have evidence that the product is sold for less, they will match the price.

How to Find the Best Prices at Bass Pro Shops on Your Own

If you are interested in saving money at Bass Pro Shops, there are things that you can do on your own. These steps can help:

  1. Find the exact product that you want to buy at Bass Pro Shops.
  2. Once you find the product, search for the same product at other stores to see if they sell it for a lower price.
  3. If there is a lower price, bring evidence of this to the checkout to receive a price match from Bass Pro.
  4. If there is no lower price elsewhere, you can still save money at Bass Pro Shops. You can search for coupons or join their loyalty program.

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