Does Advance Auto Price Match?

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Does Advance Auto Price Match?

So, you've decided to tackle that big car repair project yourself and save a few bucks. After conducting your research, you realize that Advance Auto Parts has everything you need at affordable prices. However, you might have found a couple of items for less elsewhere. Working with one store is much more convenient, but does ?

Advance Auto does offer price matching, but figuring out its policies, which products are included, and how to submit the appropriate documents can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Fortunately, can walk you through all the details and get you back on schedule with that car repair project.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match/Does Advance Auto Parts Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, AAP offers its Price Match Guarantee with its competitors. A physical store must match with its competitor's physical store price, and online pricing must match the other's online price.

No, AAP doesn't provide an after-purchase price adjustment.

CompanyAdvance Auto Parts
Price Match?Yes
TimeframeSame day
Price MatchesAutoZone, O'Reilly, Amazon, Walmart
ExclusionsClearance items, refurbished items, loyalty membership clubs, internet auctions, wholesale and tax-exempt pricing, transmissions, engines, and more
Where to redeemIn-store or online

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Guarantee Details

Advance Auto Parts Price Match Guarantee is generous, but it also has strict guidelines to ensure they match a comparable product.

  • The competitor's product must be available the same day as the price match and purchase of AAP's product, and its price must be valid.
  • An AAP employee must verify the price match.

In-Store Price Matches

AAP's brick-and-mortar locations match most of their local competitors with a few caveats.

  • In-store locations will not match competitors' online prices.
  • The customer must provide full intact ads – no facsimiles, such as copies or phone images will be accepted.

Online Price Matches

Comparable competitor products found online and available the same day will be verified by an AAP employee. A few conditions apply.

  • If the online AAP product is available for same-day in-store pickup, the competitor's product must also be available for in-store pick up on the same day.
  • AAP only matches select competitors' sites. It doesn't recognize online auction sites or independent sellers.

AAP Offers the Fairest Pricing Possible

  1. While prices may vary depending on location, AAP provides the lowest price if there's a difference between online and store prices.
  2. AAP's in-store employees will match the online price if the customer purchases said item in the store.

Some Exclusions Apply

  • Discounts, coupons, or promotion codes cannot be applied in addition to the price match.
  • Rain checks are not allowed.
  • Items offered on clearance, returned or open-box products, and rebates or mail-in rebates are excluded.
  • Club membership items aren't permitted for price matching.
  • Buy one, get one products are disallowed if the ad doesn't show the price.
  • Tax-exempt and wholesale products
  • Competitors' items cannot include free gift card perks.
  • Transmissions, engines, and commercial-use equipment aren't included.

How To Request AAP Price Match Guarantee

Online Competitor Price Verification

After you've found the competitor's product online, you'll need to calculate the total price, including shipping.

  • If you place the item in a cart and initiate the check-out process without actually purchasing the item, you generally receive a total cost breakdown with taxes and shipping figured into the total.
  • Save that page to show the in-store employee.
  • As noted above, it must meet same-day availability requirements to qualify.

Local Competitor Ad Verification

The complete competitor's ad must be brought into the brick and mortar store for the employee to verify the product and price.

Does Advance Auto Parts Offer Discount Pricing Policies?

Advance Auto Parts offers programs to help members of certain organizations, employees in specific occupations, and age-specific groups save on their purchases.

TeacherNoUber DriversYes

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