Find The Best Clinical Trial Companies In a Few Easy Steps

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How to Find the Best Clinical Trial Companies Quickly

Clinical trials are defined as observations and experiments done on human participants to find new drugs or treatments for various health conditions. To conduct clinical trials, you need much more than a doctor and a patient.

Coming up with a theory or a substance to be tested is the fun part. Still, the organizers of a clinical trial have to deal with a lot of legwork—dealing with the recruitment of the participants, the financial aspect, and the management of the entire ordeal is not something scientists necessarily enjoy too much. In many cases, they'll try to outsource a portion of these less-than-exciting tasks.

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are there to make the entire process easier and more affordable for the developers of the drugs that need to be tested. They dab in regulating and managing individual trials, conduct medical surveys, and do much more. Since they are usually in charge of recruiting, CROs are—in most cases—the ones you contact when you apply for trials and the ones who choose who gets to participate.

How To Choose Clinical Trial Organizations

Depending on your needs and motivation, your search for a fitting clinical trial can be a breeze or a nightmare—or anything in between. Many factors—physical proximity of the research center, the relative importance of the condition researched, your personal preferences, and so on—can influence the speed with which you'll find what you need.

Before you make a choice, make sure you are well-informed. Do your research on the CRO in question, and pay close attention to:

  • Service quality
  • Participants diversity
  • Specialization in the separate phases of trial
  • Support in a specific stage of the trial
  • Recruitment of patients
  • Follow-up care (and whether there is some in the first place)

Here is a list of companies that are currently at the top of their field:



  • Works with more than 300 health nonprofits and patient advocates
  • Offers premium services for trials sponsors
  • Has more than ten areas of focus


  • Uses 400 digital channels for online medical information
  • Allows patients or healthy volunteers to take part in any clinical trial
  • Streamlines the recruitment process


  • Customizing program for every trial
  • Has 12 areas of focus


  • Has over 15 areas of focus
  • Includes over 70 countries
  • Offers more than 1500 studies


  • Created mobile app for clinical trials
  • Works with medical institutes

Find Out More About Clinical Trial Companies

For every part of the trial, there is a department of a clinical trial company that handles it. There are four teams:

TeamJobs in the Company

Medical team

  • Principal Investigator
  • Study coordinator
  • Sub-investigator
  • Pharmacist

Data processing team

  • Data manager
  • Biostatistician

Regulatory team

  • Regulatory affairs associate
  • Drug safety associate

Trial coordinate team

  • Clinical research associates

How Do Clinical Trial Companies Differ?

Aside from the fact that not all CROs are created equal and that some have better staff and policies than others, clinical trial companies differ in their area of expertise.

The top seven areas of focus for clinical trial companies are:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Internal medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Neurology
  • Oncology

There are clinical trial companies that specialize in certain phases of the trial. Some companies offer expertise in phase I, while others extend support for phases II and III. Some companies even have follow-up research and phase IV studies.

How Do CROs Advertise Their Trials?

When recruiting the patients, a clinical trial company has a few methods. These include

  • Digital advertising
  • Connections with physicians
  • Print advertising

All companies use these to keep the costs down while connecting patients to research.

Which Clinical Trial Companies Pay the Most?

It all depends on the company in question. Some of them pay a pretty penny, while others don't pay at all.

Clinical trial companies have different budget options. If they do pay for participation, they include either pay for performance or a flat fee. Depending on the trial phase, the amount of money you get for participation can get a lot bigger with every next phase.

Clinical Study Companies Help Researchers Solve Patients Recruitment Problems

While recruiting for clinical trials, researchers can encounter a variety of problems. Some common issues are:

  • Ineffective advertising—many research centers don’t keep up with the times, and neglect novel methods of advertising that can boost their marketing campaign
  • Physical distance—eligible subjects might live too far away from the research center
  • Lack of eligible subjects—eligibility criteria might be too strict and the database of potential candidates too poor
  • Lack of interest in the trial—some fields are less interesting for potential participants than others

These issues are one of the main reasons research centers turn to CROs for support. To solve these problems, clinical trial companies use strategies like:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) matching—this can help researchers easily connect patient with a clinical trial opportunity
  • Patient database and registries—Signing up to database companies, people will receive alerts when the study matches their profile
  • Advertisement in digital form—companies use platforms like Facebook and Google Ads as a method to grab the attention of patients

DoNotPay Can Help You Find Clinical Trial Companies

Googling “clinical trials near me” will give you thousands of results. DoNotPay offers you a more effective way to find clinical trials. You can specify your personal preferences and choose the type of study you want and whether you want to participate in a trial that uses placebo. After that, we will filter out all the results that are not suitable for you.

All you have to do to find clinical trials with DoNotPay is to follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Log in and click on Clinical trials
  3. Tap on Get started
  4. Adjust the filters
  5. Click on the study you like
  6. Select the Contact button

DoNotPay will send an email to the researchers, and you will hear from them in a few days. With our app, you can contact any number of trials you want. If you have a specific company in mind for the clinical trial, you can bookmark all the trials you are interested in. The bookmark feature can tell you when they post new studies and if they are recruiting.

Other Ways To Find Clinical Trial Companies in the USA

If you want to explore other sites for clinical trial companies in the USA, you need to use official sites. Here is a table showing some of them:



  • Provides CenterWatch Weekly reports
  • Search as a patient or a professional
  • Filter by category


  • Have more than 815 studies
  • Search for a health condition
  • Use of volunteers only


  • Find trials that are and that aren’t recruiting
  • Search in 50 states
  • Have an option for advanced search

Is There Anything Else DoNotPay Can Offer To Help You With?

Besides helping you find the trial you want to participate in, DoNotPay is here to help you find the company that is closest to you. Our database can help you locate clinical trials from Austin, Denver, Cincinnati and many other places. You can also use our platform to explore clinical trials by type of diseases like , migraine, and macular degeneration.

DoNotPay helps you with some day-to-day tasks as well.

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