How to Cancel a Carter’s Order the Easy Way

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Cancel Your Carter's Order the Easy Way Using DoNotPay

Founded way back in 1865, Carter's has grown to become an industry giant in all things baby clothes. And with millions of consumers making orders from the company every year, it has grown especially efficient at managing and delivering orders.

Be that as it may, there might come a time when you'll need to cancel an order you made. Whether it was a cloth a size too big (or small), or you changed your mind about making a buy, canceling will save you from getting a product you don't need.

But unlike when ordering, the process of canceling isn't as straightforward. You need to follow a particular series of steps to , which can be extremely daunting if you are doing it for the first time.

Lucky for you, you don't have to because DoNotPay has got you covered. Using our optimized systems, we will do everything it takes to ensure your order is canceled and you're appropriately refunded if the product has already been charged to your account.

Can You Cancel Carter's Order?

As per the current Carter policy, yes. A customer can . However, since its orders are processed almost immediately, there is an incredibly tight window to do so. Also, you can't cancel once the shipment processing has begun.

In the rare instance where you decide to cancel within an hour of ordering, you can follow the following steps:

  1. You can call their customer care number at 877-333-117 or 762-232-1399. Calls can only be received from 7 am to 10 pm every day except for holidays.
  2. Other than that, you can view your order history through your account. If your particular order has not yet begun processing, you can click the cancel order button.
  3. If you happen to be an unregistered consumer, you can follow through with the track order feature in your email. Through this, you should be able to track a cancel order button.

What Do I Do if the Product Has Already Been Delivered?

As Carter's client, you are entitled to cancel any purchase and get a refund once you return a product. If you can't cancel the order through the above means, it probably means that the item was already processed and delivered to you.

Still, even after receiving the item, you can claim a refund within 90 days after you made the purchase, with the conditions being:

  • The item is new
  • The item is non-worn
  • You accompany it with an original sales, gift, or packing receipt.

If you return after the 90-day mark, you can only get refunded in-store credit or merchandise exchange for the current selling price of the item. It should be credited back to your card.

You can claim a full refund if you notice that the goods received don't meet the satisfactory description given on Carter's site.

Steps to Getting a Carter's Refund

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by contacting Carter's by email.
  2. Prepare a return label through Carter's interactive return tool.
  3. Filling the form on the 'reverse section' of your packing slip.
  4. Enclose the form in the same package as your merchandise.
  5. Ship the item to Carter's at 625 Braselton Parkway Braselton, GA 30517.
  6. Ensure that the goods are sent back through a traceable delivery system.

Once they receive the shipment, a credit will be issued on the means you paid, minus the cost of shipping and handling. If you need to exchange, you can contact Carter's at 877-333-0117 and make a reorder.

Note that if the goods are not returned to Carter's in a reasonable state, they'll charge you for any losses.

How to Cancel Carter's Subscription

Now, if you have Carter's subscription on your phone, it automatically renews every month and deducts money from your account. If you need to opt out of a subscription, you can follow the steps below.

Cancel on an iPhone
  • Tap on your name by opening the App Settings
  • Tap on the Subscriptions tab.
  • Tap on your Apple ID, then sign in
  • Navigate to the Subscription button.
  • Tap on Carter's subscription.
  • The final step is to tap on the Cancel button.
Cancel on Android
  • Open the Google Play Store app on your phone (make sure you are signed in to your Google account).
  • Click Menu, then choose Subscriptions.
  • Navigate to the particular Carter's subscription you want to and click Cancel Subscription.

And just like that, you are off the hook! Your subscription will not be renewed going forward. Ensure that you slowly follow these steps to the tee, and you should be good to go.

DoNotPay Can Help You Cancel Your Carter's Orders

If you are having trouble keeping up with the instructions above, you need not fret. DoNotPay is here to assist. Once you sign up with us, we will take over and do everything on your behalf.

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the Cancel Anything product on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of the company you need to cancel your order/payment with.

  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

Once you submit the details, we'll work on composing a cancellation letter for you.

DoNotPay Can Also Help You Cancel With Other Companies

DoNotPay will always have your back. We are especially skilled when it comes to canceling various services and products from different companies and entities.

Other than Carter's, we can also help:

And it is not just canceling stuff that DoNotPay can help with. We can help make all your other day-to-day applications easier, including:

And there you have it! With DoNotPay, stressing over mundane online tasks has become a thing of the past. You only need to contact us today and let us take care of it for you.

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