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Cancel Xsolla in the most efficient way possible

Xsolla supplies game developers and publishers across the globe with tools that enable optimal growth and scalable monetization. While payment processing is their forte, Xsolla’s services also encompass site building, authentication gateways, and anti-fraud protocols.

How to cancel Xsolla on your own

Other than turning to DoNotPay, you can terminate your subscription to Xsolla’s services in two different ways: via email and over the phone.

Can you cancel withYes / No

How to cancel Xsolla via email

  1. Drop them a line at
  2. Explain your situation and ask them to cancel your account
  3. Their support team should answer promptly, after which they’ll cancel your subscription or ask for additional info if necessary

How to cancel Xsolla via phone

  1. Dial 1-877-797-65-52
  2. Make sure you have all the relevant info at hand as the support team will ask you to provide the details of your account
  3. Tell the customer support agent that you’d like to unsubscribe from their services
  4. Inquire about when you can expect the unsubscription to go through

Use DoNotPay to cancel Xsolla without breaking a sweat

donotpay how to cancel any service

If you don’t want to bother with doing it on your own, DoNotPay can cancel subscriptions on your behalf. As soon as you sign up for our app, you can terminate your association with Xsolla in just a few clicks:

  1. Open DoNotPlay either on a
  2. Click on Find Hidden Money
  3. Type Xsolla in the search bar
  4. Instruct the app to cancel the subscription

Once you initiate the cancelation process, our team will reach out to Xsolla and handle the entire process without you having to lift a finger. The next time you’ll hear from us will be when we inform you that the subscription has been terminated.

Can you pause your subscription to Xsolla?

No, you can’t. According to Xsolla’s terms of use, you can only cancel your subscription and then resubscribe all over again at a later date.

Does Xsolla prorate their cancelations?

If you opt to cancel your Xsolla subscription, you’ll be able to enjoy their services until the end of the current billing period, with no strings attached. You won’t get refunded for the last billing cycle.

The best alternatives to Xsolla

CompanyPricing Benefits
ChetuThe price varies based on the kind of services you’re interested in
  • Fairly affordable
  • One-stop-shop for a wide range of gaming-related services
Digital RiverIt all depends on what you’re looking to get
  • A good track record of delivering success
  • Affiliations with the industry’s leading service providers

DoNotPay is your go-to app for everything concerning subscriptions

If you’d like to use DoNotPay beyond the issues you’re having with Xsolla, our app can give you complete control over all your subscriptions.

Once you securely link DoNotPay to your bank account, you’ll get access to a list of all the subscriptions that are charging you on a regular basis. We’ll help you separate services you’re using from those needlessly emptying your pockets, plus you can rely on us to quickly cancel all subscriptions that served their purpose.

The best part? We won’t need anything from you to unsubscribe you from service providers. All we need is that you give us the green light—after that, our app will contact the support team and handle the entire process for you.

DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to Xsolla if they’ve caused you harm

If your rights as a user have been violated by the team at Xsolla, we’ll help you strike back and set the record straight!

As the world’s first AI Consumer Champion recognized by the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Access, DoNotPay is just the app you need to ensure justice is done. We can help you send demand letters to any unethical service provider and take them to small claims court, so feel free to reach out if you feel like you have a case for us.

What else can DoNotPay do for you?

Our app has a well-earned reputation as a highly versatile tool that makes various facets of your life easier to handle—here’s an overview of some of our most prominent services:

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