Cancel Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection

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All’s Well That Ends Wells—A Guide to Help You Cancel Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection

Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection is a service that provides daily monitoring of customer’s personal information. It checks credit bureaus and informs users of any suspicious activity that might be related to identity theft.

The financial services company has been in hot water for not providing the services they promised. Wells Fargo lost a suit that alleges they haven’t provided the identity theft protection to their customers.

How to Cancel Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection

There are a few different ways to cancel Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection:

  • Calling the company via phone
  • Writing a letter to the company
  • Using the company website

Canceling via Phone Call

You can cancel your agreement with Wells Fargo by calling 1-877-364-9343 and requesting a cancelation.

Canceling With a Letter

Wells Fargo also allows you to cancel this service via letter. You can do this by:

  1. Writing down a cancelation request
  2. Including your personal information
  3. Sending it to PO Box 1509 Allen, TX 75013

Cancel Using the Company Website

If you want to cancel through the website, visit their cancelation page. You must have an online account to be able to cancel this way.

Here’s an overview of the ways you can cancel your Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection service.

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How to Cancel Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection With DoNotPay

There’s no easier way to cancel any service than with DoNotPay’s app. You can take care of unwanted subscriptions and memberships within minutes by using DoNotPay. It’s a simple and straightforward process. To get rid of the service, you have to:

  1. Open the app in your
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Choose the Find Hidden Money option
  4. Type in “Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection”

DoNotPay will then cancel your subscription. You will be notified once the cancelation is finalized.

Find Alternatives to Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection

With Wells Fargo not honoring their end of the deal, you are left with no protection from identity thieves. The good news is that other identity theft protection services out there can keep your credit and bank accounts safe. Consider some of the alternatives and what they bring to the table.





LifeLOCK Standard—$9,99 per month

LifeLock Select⁠—$9,99 per month (for the first year)


Advantage—$17,99 per month


Ultimate Plus—$25,99 per month

  • Security for up to 10 devices
  • Alerts on crimes committed in your name
  • Annual three-bureau credit reports and credit scores


IdentityWorks Plus—$9,99 per month

IdentityWorks Premium—$19,99 per month

  • Daily score tracking
  • Real-time alerts on attempted credit inquiries

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