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Cancel VxnBill in an instant

VxnBill is an online service that helps users manage their subscription services by checking on their active subscriptions and altering their subscription status.

How to cancel VxnBill

donotpay how to cancel any service

If you no longer have the need for VxnBill in your life, we are going to show you a few simple ways of canceling it.

Can you cancel withYes / No
Company website Yes

Cancel VxnBill via website

  1. Open the VxnBill website
  2. Type in the email address you used to subscribe in the bar on the right
  3. Verify your account with the last four digits of the credit card you used to subscribe
  4. Confirm that you would like to proceed with the cancelation

Cancel VxnBill via email

Send an email to and request cancellation.

Cancel VxnBill via the phone

Give the VxnBill customer service team a call 855-849-1110 and request cancelation.

DoNotPay can help you cancel your VxnBill subscription

To unsubscribe from VxnBill in the fastest way possible, allow DoNotPay to handle the task for you. The process is incredibly simple:

  1. Log in via the
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in “VxnBill”
  4. Wait for our confirmation email

An equally easy way to get rid of your VxnBill subscription is to join your email or bank account to the DoNotPay app, which will immediately identify services you should discontinue using (such as VxnBill).

DoNotPay automatically detects subscriptions you don’t use

In a study conducted by UK’s largest TV platform Freeview, it was revealed that the vast majority of people have no idea how much of their money goes towards various subscription charges each month. The real monthly cost of their subscription fees averaged out to be £149 instead of the perceived cost of £29! DoNotPay has been created to save your hard-earned money on all those subscriptions and services you are barely using yet paying for. The best part is that it requires just a few easy steps to make it work—connect your email or bank account to our app, and we will instantaneously create a list of recommended cancelations for you.

Does VxnBill offer a free trial?

No, there is no free trial on VxnBill.

Will VxnBill let me pause my subscription instead of canceling?

No, there is no option to deactivate or pause your subscription.

Does VxnBill prorate their cancelations?

No, VxnBill doesn’t prorate their cancelations.

Do you need to take VxnBill to court? DoNotPay is by your side

Has a company wronged you in one way or another? Achieving satisfaction in such cases may seem far-fetched for many people, which is exactly why we invented the first AI Consumer Champion in the form of our DoNotPay app. We will help you successfully make your claim in a small claims court, just as we have helped countless others. In fact, our contribution to increased access has been recognized by the American Bar Association with the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Access.

No more auto-renewed subscription fees on your bank account

We’ve all experienced it: a free trial that once looked all too promising and exciting turned into a less than welcome subscription charge on your credit card statement. Thanks to our Free Trial Card, this occurrence can now become a thing of the past. DoNotPay’s cutting-edge virtual card generates unique credit card information that you can use to sign up for free trials online and avoid the pesky subscription charges once the trial period runs out.

This is how the card works:

  1. Generates random credit card information
  2. Approves on “free trial” pages
  3. Gets denied on “subscription” pages
  4. Cancels subscriptions for you

Get DoNotPay to run your errands

DoNotPay is available in your , and can assist you in accomplishing a number of everyday chores:

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