Cancel Voter Registration in Florida in 4 Easy Steps

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Cancel Your Voter Registration in Florida Easily

The right to vote in elections in the United States is a privilege granted to each eligible citizen, allowing us to elect officials that align with our beliefs. Every U.S. citizen that is capable of voting should consider doing so whenever they are given the opportunity.

However, situations may arise that make it necessary to cancel your voter registration. From the death of a loved one to a major move, there are many valid reasons you may need to unregister to vote.

If you need to , you may be wondering what steps you need to take to get started. No matter your reason for needing to cancel your voter registration, we want to make the process easy and painless for you. This DoNotPay guide can help you understand more about voter registration in Florida and how to go about removing your voter registration as well as offer an alternative to trying to navigate canceling your voter registration on your own.

Who Is Eligible to Vote in Florida?

Exercising your right to vote if you are eligible and capable is important to preserve the integrity and democracy of the United States. Florida citizens are eligible to vote if they:

  • Are a lawful citizen of the United States
  • Are a resident of a county in Florida
  • Are at least 18 years old, though 16-year-olds can pre-register to vote, but cannot vote in an election until they are 18
  • Have not been found mentally incapacitated in a court of law
  • Are a convicted felon and haven't yet had their right to vote restored

You only need to register to vote one time in your life, but keep in mind that there are deadlines to register in most states if you want to vote in certain elections. You can check the status of your voter registration for any state through the National Association of Secretaries of States website. You will also need to update your voter information any time you move to a new address, change your name, or switch political parties.

Voter Registration Deadlines in Florida

Here are the deadlines for voter registration in the state:

Method of RegistrationDeadline
Online29 days before Election Day
By MailMust be postmarked 29 days before Election Day
In-Person29 days before Election Day

Reasons for Canceling Your Voter Registration

There are a number of reasons why you may need to cancel your or your loved one's voter registration. They may include:

  • Death or other incapacitation
  • Moving to a new country
  • No longer wishing to participate in elections
  • Being convicted of a disqualifying felony

If you or your loved one no longer can or desire to exercise your ability to vote, it is important to cancel your registration with your county officials instead of leaving your information sitting unused. By doing so, you may be exposing yourself or your loved one to voter fraud and other identity crimes.

How to Cancel Your Voter Registration in Florida

Some states make it easy to cancel your voter registration by filling out a form online. Unfortunately, this is not an option that Florida has implemented yet. The process of canceling your voter registration will vary from county to county. To find out more information or get started on your own, you can:

  1. Search online for how to cancel your voter registration in your specific Florida county
  2. Visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website
  3. Search your local election office directory to find out how to contact your Supervisor of Elections

To , you will be required to fill out a form designated by your Supervisor of Elections and return it to your county's elections office.

At DoNotPay, we understand that your time is valuable. The process of canceling your voter registration in Florida is somewhat unclear and certainly will take a significant amount of research and work on your part.

Our Voter Registration product can help you quickly and successfully cancel your voter registration in Florida without the headache of trying to figure out how to do it on your own. We'll take you step-by-step through the process and keep you updated on the status of your voter registration along the way.

DoNotPay Can Help You Cancel Your Voter Registration

Whatever reason you have for needing to cancel your or a loved one's voter registration, DoNotPay is here to make the task easier to understand and complete. Simply follow the next steps to get started:

  1. Search "voter registration" on DoNotPay.

  2. Select whether you want to register to vote, change your voter information, cancel your registration, or verify your registration.

  3. Enter the state you want to register in (or are registered in) and confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements. Answer a few questions about you to help us verify your identity and complete your application.

  4. Provide your signature and verify that your information is correct.

And that's it! DoNotPay will make sure your registration changes get sent to the right office, and your registration status is updated accordingly.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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