How Do You Cancel Your Voter Registration in IL?

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How Do You Cancel Your IL Voter Registration?

Obtaining a Voter ID takes time. After all of that, you may choose to remove your name from the electoral roster for various reasons. People cancel their names from the voter's list for multiple reasons, including relocation or a transfer in citizenship.

can be stressful, especially if you do it alone. DoNotPay can, however, help you cancel your voter registration faster and effectively.

How to Cancel Voter Registration in Illinois on Your Own

Any eligible voter can withdraw from voter registration and have their record expunged from the integrated information records by signing a consent for cancellation, and sending or otherwise presenting the signed form to the principal registrar. The general registrar must acknowledge the receipt and notify the registrant in person or through first-class postage that their registration has been withdrawn within ten days of receiving the permission.

That sounds complicated. Know that in Illinois, you can cancel your in Illinois in a few different ways. See the table below.

Canceling by a Phone CallIn Illinois, you can terminate your voter registration details by:
  1. Calling your County Elections Office
  2. Prepare to give your name and a form of identification (voter information, Illinois driver's license information or state identity number, birth date, or the last four digits of your Social Security Number)
Cancel your registration in writingSend a statement containing your identity and an identifier requesting that your participation be canceled.
Send an email with your formal requestDraft an email explaining why you want to cancel your voter registration.

Send the email to your regional's office email address

Alternatively, you can fax or submit your written request to your County Elections Office.

Or, use DoNotPay. It’s the faster, easier way to .

Canceling Voter Registration for Deceased Person in Illinois

To do this, write or fax a statement to the regions Elections Office where the deceased is from with the following information to inform the Elections Office of a departed voter:

  1. The voter's name.
  2. The deceased voter's most recent home address.
  3. Deceased voter's date of birth.
  4. Date of the voter's demise.
  5. Your signature

Reasons to Cancel Voter Registration in IL

There are several reasons for voter registration cancelation, including:

  • You are canceling voter registration for a deceased loved one
  • You have moved to a different state
  • Personal reasons

How Can You Find Out if Your Voter Registration Details Are Canceled?

Most of us consider voter registration a one-time process, yet in reality, voting may be a win-lose scenario. Only because you signed up to vote once doesn't guarantee your status is valid for the rest of your life. You can lose your right to vote in various ways, one of which is not voting.

The removal of registered voters has been particularly active in some states and regions. According to a recent analysis, between 2016 and 2018, 17 million votes were purged across the country. Is it possible that one of them is you?

There are legitimate reasons to remove persons off a state's voter lists, such as relocating to another state or dying. Another contentious factor is if an individual hasn't voted in a long time. So, even when you've registered as a voter and voted in the past, there's a possibility you've been removed from your county or state's voter lists. If your jurisdiction does not allow election-day registration, you may be unable to vote in the next election.

Before going to the polls, double-check that your voter registration is current. Talk to an expert civil rights lawyer when you've been unfairly purged from the voter registers or have issues about safeguarding your freedom to vote.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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