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Slay the Beast—How to Cancel ThreadBeast in a Few Easy Steps

ThreadBeast is a monthly men's streetwear subscription service. It allows you to choose a style and pick out the type of clothing items you want to receive every month. The clothing they provide can be hit and miss, but their cancelation policy is all misses. Subscribers have found it difficult to cancel on their own, as this often requires purchasing another shipment of clothing.

Cancel ThreadBeast With DoNotPay

You shouldn’t waste time trying to cancel ThreadBeast when DoNotPay can take care of the issue in minutes. Our app lets you cancel any subscription from the convenience of your phone or web browser. Here’s how you can start using the app:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Go to the Find Hidden Money tab
  3. Type in ThreadBeast in the text box

DoNotPay will then cancel the service and let you go about your day without worrying whether you will be billed for a shipment at the end of the month. The app will notify you once the cancelation is finalized.

Allow DoNotPay to Monitor Your Unused Subscriptions

The number of subscription services we use every year is only getting higher. It’s not uncommon for individuals to forget about a service they’re subscribed to, while still paying for it every month. It’s estimated that the average American spends nearly $400 every year on subscriptions they don’t use. It’s a complete waste of money that can be avoided.

DoNotPay helps you tackle this issue by tracking the services you pay for. To start using it, all you have to do is connect the app to your email or bank account. You can then use DoNotPay to monitor all of your paid subscriptions. Once you’ve decided which ones you don’t need and want to get rid of, cancel them from the app.

Cancel ThreadBeast On Your Own

You can cancel ThreadBeast subscriptions in two ways:

  • Calling them via phone to cancel
  • Sending a cancelation email

Cancel ThreadBeast via Phone Call

Cancel over the phone by dialing (844) 232-7885 and asking to speak to a representative. Simply ask that they cancel your account and stop further shipments.

Cancel ThreadBeast via Email

You can also send an email to ThreadBeast to cancel your subscription. Write down information to confirm your identity and request that they cancel your subscription. Send the email to

These are the different ways you can cancel your Threadbeast subscription.

Can You Cancel With


Phone call









Problems You Might Run Into When Canceling ThreadBeast

Users have reported that ThreadBeast doesn’t always cancel subscriptions after they made their requests. The company will even bill you for a shipment after you’ve called to unsubscribe. Their cancelation policy only allows you to cancel within the first seven days following the latest delivery. You have to effectively pay for another batch of items before you can stop the subscription. To avoid this issue, you can use DoNotPay’s app to cancel the service quickly and without hassle.

Find Clothing Subscriptions From Alternative Sources

ThreadBeast isn’t the only subscription clothing service out there. You can get trendy and affordable clothing from a variety of other retailers. Some dabble in streetwear subscriptions, while others will offer more diverse options. Consider a few of these alternatives.





$80 per month

  • Free shipping
  • Easy exchanges for items that don’t fit

Menlo Club

$60 per month

  • Monthly curated package
  • Affordable seasonal memberships
  • Free shipping

Does ThreadBeast Offer Prorated Refunds After Canceling Your Subscription?

Unfortunately, ThreadBeast doesn’t offer any kind of refund to subscribers. It’s not possible to return or exchange items, either.

DoNotPay Will Help You With Anything You Need

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