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Cancel The Mercury News Without Any Issues

The Mercury News is a morning daily newspaper published in San Jose, California by the Bay Area News Group.

In 2018, the newspaper had a circulation of 110,206. On average, this makes it the fifth-largest newspaper in California:



Los Angeles Times


San Francisco Chronicle

The San Diego Tribune


The Sacramento Bee

The Mercury News


How to Cancel The Mercury News by Yourself

We’ve outlined several options for unsubscribing from The Mercury News in the table below:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website



Cancel The Mercury News via Email

To request a cancelation of your Mercury News subscription, get in touch with the newspaper’s Subscriber Services by emailing them to

Cancel The Mercury News on the Phone

You can cancel or change your subscription at any moment by calling The Mercury News’ Subscriber Services at 1-800-870-6397. Business hours are from 6:30am-5pm (PST) Monday through Friday; 7:00am-10:30am Saturday; and 8:00am-10:30am Sunday.

Cancel The Mercury News With DoNotPay

Alternatively, you can outsource the tedious task of canceling your subscriptions to DoNotPay. Why deal with a manual and time-consuming process, when you can unsubscribe from services with the help of our app in just a few clicks?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the DoNotPay app in any
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  3. Type in Mercury News as the subscription you want us to cancel

Once we’ve unsubscribed you from The Mercury News, we’ll immediately send you an email to let you know.

To save more money and find other services you should cancel, connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay. This will allow us to run through your inactive or unused subscriptions and recommend that you get rid of them as soon as possible. Of course, we can handle these other cancelations on your behalf, too.

Does The Mercury News Offer a Free Trial?

As a user of the website, you will be able to read a limited number of articles over a 30-day period for free. Once you’ve reached your article limit, you’ll be prompted to subscribe and get digital access to Mercury News’ online content.

Does The Mercury News Prorate its Cancelations?

No, once you submit your cancelation request, it will become effective when your current billing period comes to an end. Mercury News stipulates that you will not be eligible for a refund.

Your subscription access and related subscriber benefits will continue for the remainder of your current billing period.

Will The Mercury News Let Me Pause My Subscription?

Yes, it will. To activate The Mercury News vacation hold, get in touch with the newspaper’s Subscriber Services department:

  • By calling 1-800-870-6397
  • Online via the My Account site

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