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How to cancel Sierra Club monthly donation

Sierra Club is an American environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and land. Its 3.8 million members are directly involved in lobbying government officials and participating in grassroots activities to further the cause. Club benefits include a bi-monthly subscription to national Sierra magazine, as well as access to members-only activities and trips.

Cancel your Sierra Club monthly donation quickly with DoNotPay

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Canceling subscriptions, memberships, and donations can be time-consuming, especially if each comes with its own set of procedures. DoNotPay offers the easiest way of managing all your online accounts with the same procedure each time. All you need to do is:

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We will make sure to notify you as soon as your Sierra Club donation has been terminated.

Other ways to cancel your Sierra Club monthly donation

Sierra Club can process donation cancelations via:

  • Email
  • Online form
  • Phone
  • Letter


To cancel with Sierra Club directly, send them an email with your request at It is recommended to include as much information as possible, such as your membership ID, account information, and anything else considered relevant.

Online form

You can also submit your cancelation request by filling in an online form. Be sure to detail your membership ID and any other information that may help.


Sierra Club can also be reached via phone, on 415-977-5500. Office hours are 9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday PT.


If you prefer, you can write a cancelation letter to the company headquarters. Do include as many details as you can to avoid delays with your request.

Sierra Club

National Headquarters

2101 Webster St Suite 1300

Oakland, CA 94612


Cancelation options overview

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


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Similar organizations to Sierra Club

As someone who is passionate about the environment, perhaps you may be interested in looking into similar membership offerings that share your values:


Membership tiers (monthly)


Environmental Defense Fund






  • Take action on important issues
  • Help solve the world's most urgent environmental challenges

The Nature Conservancy








  • Conservation updates
  • E-newsletter
  • A year’s magazine subscription
  • Annual calendar

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Use DoNotPay’s AI Consumer Champion if there are problems with Sierra Club

In case of any disputes, DoNotPay’s award-winning AI Consumer Champion can help you send demand letters to Sierra Club or any other companies in small claims court. Recognized by the American Bar Association for improving equality for those of moderate incomes, we will help you form an effective case to fight any injustice towards your consumer rights.

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