Cancel a Sallie Mae Loan Application Hassle-Free

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Cancel Sallie Mae Loan Application Fast and Easily

Do you need to cancel Sallie Mae's loan application? DoNotPay can help. Sallie Mae is a student loan application that helps students pay for their higher education.

You probably applied for a Sallie Mae loan application and no longer need the loan. In this case, you'll want to cancel your Sallie Mae loan application. Most people don't know how to on Sallie Mae, and if they do, the process is always tiresome and difficult to understand.

Going about the tiresome research and canceling your Sallie Mae application can be time-consuming and frustrating. DoNotPay helps you cancel a Sallie Mae loan application at your convenience, so you don't need to go about the whole canceling process on your own.

Can I Cancel a Sallie Mae Loan Application?

Yes, you can . Sallie Mae loan applications can be canceled under several circumstances, including

  • Canceling within ten days of your loan approval
  • Canceling due to the death of the student
  • Canceling due to permanent disability of the borrower (student)

Whether it's before or after disbursement, you have to fulfill specific requirements and provide proof as to why you're eligible to have your loan application canceled. For instance, if you want to cancel Sallie Mae's application before your loan is disbursed, you can visit your bank or write them an email stating why you want your loan canceled. Your bank will reverse the funds.

How to Cancel a Sallie Mae Loan Application

Are you thinking about canceling your Sallie Mae loan application but don't know how to go about the canceling process? Different circumstances can allow you to cancel a Sallie Mae loan application. Here's a detailed overview of how to cancel your Sallie Mae loan in different scenarios:

Canceling a Sallie Mae Loan Application Within Ten Days

As a Sallie Mae borrower, you're given the right to cancel your Sallie Mae student loan within ten days of your loan approval. You can refer to the "My Right to Cancel" section included in your loan documents. Follow these steps to cancel your Sallie Mae student loan:

  1. Make a copy of your loan documents and write "cancel" on the signature page to indicate your intention to cancel the loan.
  2. You'll then mail the copy of the loan documents to Sallie Mae's support staff to further indicate that you have exercised your right to cancel your loan within the stipulated time.
  3. Do not use or cash out any funds from the loan to avoid difficulties reversing the funds.
  4. If your loan has not been disbursed, you can visit your bank or send them an email to notify them that you're canceling your Sallie Mae student loan. The bank will reverse the funds to Sallie Mae.
  5. If your loan is already disbursed, you'll notify your school that you are canceling the loan and instruct them to return the received funds to Sallie Mae.

Canceling Your Sallie Mae Student Loan Due to Student Disability

If a student becomes permanently disabled, they can qualify for a Sallie Mae loan cancellation. However, you must meet the federal disability requirements. The disability definition requires you to prove that you can't work and earn money due to illness or injury that's expected to last indefinitely.

To cancel your Sallie Mae loan due to student disability, you'll need to:

  • Complete an official federal application. The United States Department of Education issues the total or permanent disability form.
  • You'll then ask your physician to complete his section in the application to certify your permanent disability.

Canceling a Sallie Mae Loan Due to a Student's Death

Another instance where one can cancel a Sallie Mae Student loan is when the borrower is dead. You'll need to provide all the applicant's information. For example, where the death occurred, the date, name of the executor, original death certificate, among other requirements to prove the borrower's death.

Contact Sallie Mae

For more information about Sallie Mae, you can contact them at

Phone800-472-5543 (800-4-SALLIE)
International877-416-0012 or 302-451-0546 (charges may apply)
AvailabilityMonday–Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

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Use DoNotPay to Help You Cancel Your Sallie Mae Loan Application

Are you having trouble canceling your Sallie Mae loan application? You can now cancel the loan easily with DoNotPay. Follow these steps to cancel your Sallie Mae loan application with the help of DoNotPay:

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  2. Provide the name of the company you want to cancel the loan application with.

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