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Cancel your Redbox subscription in a jiffy

Redbox is a US-based video service company that offers DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD disks for rent through automated retail kiosks. In 2017, the company launched Redbox On Demand, a pay-as-you-go online streaming service that doesn’t require membership.

How to cancel a Redbox reservation

Redbox says that you can cancel your reservation, but only if it's within the rental period and you haven’t yet picked it up.

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


Cancel your Redbox reservation via the phone

You might be able to get a cancelation of your reservation if you get in touch with Redbox’s Care team at 866-733-2693.

Cancel your Redbox reservation via the company website

Reach out to the Redbox team through the company website on this link.

DoNotPay can cancel your Redbox reservation for you

donotpay how to cancel any service

If you don’t want to waste your time waiting in phone queues, your safest bet is to cancel your Redbox reservation with the DoNotPay app. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the DoNotPay app via your
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in “Redbox”

What are the best alternatives to Redbox?

We are living in the hay day of online video streaming services. When it comes to quality content and great user experience, these three providers are considered the cream of the crop:




  • Plans start at $8.99 a month
  • Wide variety of diverse and high-quality content
  • Most widely available
  • Best original content


  • Plans start at $5.99 a month
  • Best interface and overall user experience
  • Live TV as an additional feature

Amazon Prime Video

  • Plans start at $8.99 a month
  • The greatest volume of content available
  • Ability to purchase specific content without committing to a subscription

What Redbox rental charges appear as on your bank statement

Your Redbox rental fees as they appear in your bank account statements can look something like this:


Run into difficulty with Redbox? Our lawyer robot can help

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DoNotPay sorts through all of your inactive subscriptions

We seem to be surrounded by all manners of convenience and comforts, all of it just a few clicks away. Various subscriptions and services can undoubtedly make our lives betterbut in reality, we are actively using only a handful of them (while still paying for the rest). DoNotPay can help you detox from subscriptions that aren’t all that helpful or enjoyable to use. It’s as easy as connecting your bank or email account to DoNotPay, which will allow us to quickly identify all services you aren’t using and recommend their cancelation to you.

Say goodbye to unwanted subscription fees with DoNotPay’s virtual credit card

Is there anything more annoying than spotting an unexpected yet substantial charge on your bank account statement only to realize it’s due to that free trial you signed up for a month ago? Our Free Trial Card will make sure this doesn’t happen again and give your wallet a bit of a breather. What it does is simple yet incredibly effective:

  1. Generates random credit card information (name, address, card number, etc.)
  2. Approves on “free trial” pages
  3. Gets rejected on “subscription” pages
  4. Cancels subscriptions

How else can DoNotPay help you?

DoNotPay is available for download in your and can save you time and money in a variety of ways:

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