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Cancel MealPal (MealPass) with no fuss with DoNotPay

MealPal Inc. (formerly known as MealPass) is a monthly subscription service that lets its users pre-order their lunch from numerous spots in their city and pick it up without waiting in line. To support local businesses, MealPal distributes user meal plan fees to the restaurants in the chosen city.

Will a MealPal trial automatically renew into a paid account?

Yes, your MealPal trial will become a paid 30-day, 12-meal subscription unless you cancel it on time. The company offers trials for new members from time to time, and those can last for a day or a week (five business days). To prevent MealPal from locking you in a paid membership, you need to cancel the trial before midnight on the expiration day.

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How can I cancel MealPal?

donotpay how to cancel any service

You cannot cancel MealPal in the middle of a billing cycle, but you can unsubscribe before the next one starts. To avoid being auto-renewed for another month, you have to cancel at least seven days in advance. Any later than that, you will be stuck paying for another month.

You can cancel MealPal:

  1. Via email
  2. By phone
  3. On the website
  4. With the help of DoNotPay

Unsubscribe from MealPal by email

To stop your membership, you can contact MealPal customer service via email:

  1. Draft an email stating that you want to unsubscribe from the service
  2. Write “Cancel Membership” in the subject line
  3. Send the email to

Unsubscribe from MealPal by phone

You can reach MealPal customer service by calling 1-844-561-9557. You will likely be stuck in a phone queue before you get a company rep on the line. If you feel you don’t have time for that, turn to DoNotPay, and we will skip the line for you!

Unsubscribe from MealPal on the website

Here’s how to cancel MealPal on your own:

  1. Login to your MealPal account
  2. Select “My Account” from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose “Change Plan for Next Cycle”
  4. Click “Hold or Cancel My Account”
  5. Hit “Cancel My Account”
Can you cancel withYes / No
Company website (or another alternative method)Yes

How to cancel MealPal with DoNotPay

Unlike canceling MealPal through their customer service, you can do it fast and easy with DoNotPay!

All you need to do is open our app, give us the essential details about your problem, and we’ll get right on it! Here is how it works:

  1. Open the DoNotPay app in the of your choosing
  2. Choose Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in MealPal (or any other company that is giving you a headache)
  4. Submit a valid email address

And you’re done! We will see to your cancelation and get back to you in 48 hours or sooner.

Can I pause my MealPal subscription?

Yes, you can put your subscription on hold by accessing your account. That has to be done at least seven days before a new billing cycle begins, and it can last up to three months.

Follow the website cancelation steps detailed above, and instead of canceling, select “Hold My Account” in the last step. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to redeem any previously unused meals when you start using the service again.

What will MealPal charges look like on my bank statement?

If you want to check if MealPal stopped charging you for their services, look for these entries on your account.

MEALPAL 844-561-9557 FLMEALPASS 2035619557 FLMEALPAL 844-561-9557 NY

Is it easy to cancel MealPal?

No, many users complain about how tricky it is to unsubscribe from this service. The company will first try to dissuade you by offering cheaper plans with fewer meals included. They will also postpone your cancelation and even extend your subscription if you are not persistent enough. It also often happens that users get billed even after canceling the service.

The safest and least bothersome way for you to bid MealPal farewell is to do it through a third-party. DoNotPay specializes in helping people get justice for anything from unfair parking tickets to delayed flights, and we will gladly help you cancel subscriptions you no longer want to use. We will go even further — our app can find all your subscriptions and cancel the ones you don’t need!

Are there any alternatives to MealPal?

If you are not happy with MealPal, cancel it with DoNotPay, and give one of these a go!

Company PricingBenefits
  • Not disclosed
  • Plans for individuals and companies
  • Trial available
  • AI bot assistant
  • Deliveries to the office
  • 18% service fee
  • $1.99–$8.99 delivery fee
  • Delivery or pickup
  • Order ahead or quickly

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