How to Cancel Marriott Reservation in a Snap

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How to Cancel Your Marriott Reservation with Ease Using DoNotPay

Marriott International, INC. is an American multinational franchise that operates in the hospitality industry. It offers licenses to lodges, hotels, and lodges across the globe. Marriott's headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Customers can book their reservations with Marriott hotels as guests or members. At the same time, they can cancel their order, but under Marriott's reservation cancellation policy. This means that there are many bureaucratic procedures you must consider to . Let DoNotPay help you avoid these procedures with its Cancel Everything product.

Ways to Cancel Your Marriott Reservation

You can using the following options:

  • Through the Marriott's website
  • Marriott Bonvoy mobile app
  • Call the Marriott customer service

How to Cancel your Marriott's Reservation on their Website

Here are steps to cancel Marriott's reservation on their website

  1. Sign in to your Marriott Bonvy online account
  2. Click on the "My Trip" option and locate your reservation
  3. Click on the "Details" button on the reservation you want to cancel
  4. Click on "Cancel"

Please note that the above process is meant for Marriott Bonvoy members. Guests should use the following procedure to complete their cancelation

  • Click on "My Trip"
  • Go to the "Lookup a Reservation" section
  • Enter your information about your reservation
  • Click "Find"
  • Click on "Cancel Room' to complete the process

How to Cancel a Reservation on Marriott Bonvoy Mobile App

Use the following steps to cancel your Marriott reservation on their mobile app

  1. Sign in to the Marriott Bonvoy app
  2. Tap on "Trips," indicated as a suitcase icon at the bottom of your screen. This will open a list of your upcoming reservations.
  3. Tap on "reservation" that you want to cancel
  4. Click on the "cancel reservation" button.

Use these steps if you are not a Marriott Bonvoy member

  • Open the Marriott Bonvoy app
  • Click on "Continue as Guest"
  • Tap on the "Trip" / suitcase icon at the bottom of your screen
  • Go to "Have an Existing Reservation"
  • Click "Continue as guest."

If you're a guest, look for your reservation by entering your first name, last name, and confirmation number, and select your check-in date.

Please note if the Cancel button doesn't appear on your reservation on the website or app, you should contact your Original booking source and seek assistance. This includes the following options

  1. Contact your group contact if you have made a group housing reservation
  2. Contact your third party booking if you made your reservation through a third party

How to Cancel Your Marriott Reservation by Contacting their Customer Care Service

You can also try to speak to a Marriott Reservation associate from the hotel you've made your reservation.

Can You Cancel Marriott Reservations ViaYes/No
Marriott WebsiteYes
Marriott BonVoy AppYes

What is the Marriott Reservation Cancellation Policy?

Marriott allows a 24-hour cancellation for all reservations made by their customer. Customers who fail to adhere to this timeline will pay an equal fee for a one-night stay. This change from the previous cancellation timeline, which was 48 hours.

How to Seek a Refund for Your Canceled Marriott Reservation

You should expect a refund through the payment method to book your reservation once the cancellation has been processed. It may take up to 90 days from the day of your cancellation to get your refund. However, this timeline might change depending on the applicable laws of the location where the hotel is located.

If there are issues related to your refund, you can use DoNotPay's seek a refund product to ensure that you're reimbursed as soon as possible.

Cancel your Marriott Reservation with DoNotPay

It's no secret that Marriott has a straightforward process to cancel your reservation. Even so, these procedures don't guarantee a fast and easy cancellation process, especially if you're a new guest.

With DoNotPay, you can cancel your reservation in the easiest way possible using the following three steps:

  1. Search for the Cancel Anything product on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of the company you need to cancel your order/payment with.

  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

And that's it. Completing these three steps allows us to draft and send a detailed cancelation demand letter that you can forward to Marriott customer services. If you wish to escalate your issue, we can also help you contact their customer care service or seek a refund through a small claims court.

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Why Use DoNotPay?

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