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How to cancel Luminess Cosmetics in a few easy steps

Luminess Cosmetics is a makeup company that specializes in airbrush cosmetics. It's also known as Luminess Direct, LLC. or Luminess Air.

Canceling the Luminess Cosmetics manually

If you want to discontinue Luminess Cosmetic services, there are several ways to do it. Below are step-by-step guides that will help you cancel your membership. Before you try to cancel the subscription, you should prepare the following info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full address
  • Country (if outside the USA)
  • Email address on the account
  • The phone number on the account

Canceling by phone

  1. Call 1-888-793-7474
  2. Tell company representative you would like to cancel
  3. Provide the info you have prepared
  4. If possible, ask the representative for a refund
  5. Ask the customer service for a confirmation of your cancelation

Canceling by email

  1. Compose an email and ask for cancelation of your services
  2. Ask for a refund if possible
  3. Request for a document that proves your cancellation
  4. Send email to

Cancel the Luminess Cosmetics service via DoNotPay

donotpay how to cancel any service

DoNotPay will handle the entire cancelation procedure for you. All you need is a few taps on your screen and you’re good to go! Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Open the DoNotPay app in a
  2. Select “Find Hidden Money” option
  3. Type "Luminess Cosmetics"
  4. Select "Cancel Subscription"

When the app cancels your subscription, it will send you a notification.

Can you cancel withYes / No
Company websiteNo

Will I be charged after Luminess Cosmetics’ free trial ends?

Yes, you will. The free trial renews into a paid subscription automatically, and that’s not even the worst part. A lot of customers complained that Luminess Cosmetics charged them for the monthly membership, even after they returned the products and canceled the free trial period. The company claimed that the products weren’t back by the time free trial was over and used that as an excuse to keep charging the customers for a service they did not want.

Stop free trials renewal with DoNotPay virtual credit cards

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Our virtual credit cards let you initiate free trials without concern about them automatically renewing into a paid subscription. These virtual cards create different account info that can’t be linked to your actual bank account. That way, it is impossible for companies to access your funds and charge for a service without you willingly subscribing to it.

The best alternatives to Luminess Cosmetics

BH CosmeticsFree for the basic subscription
  • Great customer support
  • Accepts debit & prepaid card support
  • Accepts Amazon Pay support
Original SproutFree for the basic subscription
  • Offers all-natural ingredients
  • Offers gluten-free ingredients
  • Offers hypoallergenic products

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