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Cancel Greenpeace membership within minutes

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization dedicated to exposing global environmental issues and providing solutions for a brighter and greener future. The organization does not accept donations from governments, political parties, or corporations, and is funded by a vast following of three million supporters worldwide.

How to cancel your membership with Greenpeace

If more pressing issues demand your attention or if Greenpeace has failed your expectations, you are free to cancel your membership by:

  • Sending a membership cancelation request by email
  • Reaching out to Greenpeace’s customer service by phone
  • Sending a cancelation request by mail

How to cancel Greenpeace membership by email

Whether you decide to submit a request via email or phone, experiencing some downtime will be inevitable. Instead of being on hold for ages, waiting for the customer service person to answer the phone, you can request to have your subscription canceled by:

  1. Sending a cancelation request email to
  2. Providing your membership account details
  3. Asking for a confirmation email as proof of your submitted request

How to cancel Greenpeace membership by phone

If long phone queues do not bug you at all, it is excellent to know that you can dial Greenpeace directly and ask to have your membership terminated. You can do it by:

  1. Calling 1-800-722-6995
  2. Requesting the cancelation of your membership
  3. Providing account details.
  4. Asking for a confirmation email

How to cancel Greenpeace membership by mail

Greenpeace understands that some people prefer more traditional correspondence methods, so they allow their supporters to request membership cancelation by mail. You can try:

  1. Writing a membership cancelation letter
  2. Mailing it at Greenpeace Supporter Care 702 H Street, NW, Suite 300Washington, DC 20001
  3. Receiving a confirmation letter about your canceled membership
Can you cancel withYes / No
Company websiteNo

How to cancel Greenpeace membership the easy way by using DoNotPay!

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Other environmental organizations worth supporting

Greenpeace is just one among dozens of non-governmental environmental organizations that are fighting the good fight. Here is a couple that might be worth your time and generosity:

Global WitnessYou determine the amount
  • Global Witness allows both single and ongoing donations
  • Global Witness spends 79% of its funds on campaigns
EarthwatchYou determine the amount
  • Earthwatch allows single, monthly, quarterly, and annual donations
  • You can choose to designate your gift

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