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Cancel Grammarly in only a few simple steps

Grammarly improves your writing by identifying and correcting mistakes in your texts. Once you subscribe to Grammarly, you can either use the limited free edition of the tool or go all-in with a paid Premium account.

How to cancel Grammarly

There are several ways you can go about canceling your Grammarly account:

Can you cancel withYes / No

How to cancel Grammarly via email

  1. Write an email explaining that you’d like to delete your Grammarly account
  2. Send the email to
  3. Wait for a cancelation confirmation from the support team

How to cancel Grammarly via phone

  1. Dial (888) 318-6146
  2. Be patient while you wait in a phone queue
  3. Once an operator picks up, explain that you’d like your account to be deleted
  4. Follow through on the instructions provided by the support rep

How to cancel Grammarly online

Here’s how you can delete your paid Grammarly account:

  1. Log in to your Premium account via the Grammarly Sign-in page
  2. Go to the Account section
  3. Open the Subscription tab
  4. Click on the Cancel Subscription link
  5. Select Yes once a prompted window pops up
  6. (Optional) Pick the reason why you decided to stop using Grammarly
  7. Click on Cancel Subscription

Here’s how you can delete your free Grammarly account:

  1. Log in to your account via the Grammarly Sign-in page
  2. Open the Account section
  3. Select the Delete Account button
  4. Type in your password
  5. Confirm the cancelation

Delete your Grammarly account with DoNotPay

If you’d prefer to let someone else do the cancelation for you, DoNotPay can help you unsubscribe from Grammarly in no time. On top of being quicker, using our app is a by far simpler method of deleting your account—here’s all you need to do:

  • Open the DoNotPay app on your
  • Click on Find Hidden Money
  • Type in Grammarly in the search bar
  • Click on Unsubscribe

Once you give us the green light to delete your account, we’ll handle everything from that point on. We’ll get in touch with Grammarly’s team, explain the situation, make sure the account is deleted, and inform you once the cancelation goes through.

You can use DoNotPay as your personal subscription manager

donotpay how to cancel any service

If you connect your email address or bank account to DoNotPay, our app will be able to automatically identify all of your current subscriptions. This will allow you to separate services you want from those needlessly costing you money.

Once you decide to cut a service from the list, all you need to do is give us the word and our team will handle the unsubscription process from head to toe. In the meantime, you’re free to use the time we saved you on something more productive than waiting for operators to pick up their phones.

Does Grammarly prorate their cancelations?

Once you cancel your Grammarly Premium account, you’ll be able to use it until the end of the current billing cycle. Your account will then be downgraded to the free version of the app, but you’ll be able to keep all of your documents.

What do Grammarly’s charges look like on my statement?

GRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 8883186146 CA 94104 USAGRAMMARLY 888-318-6146GRAMMARLY (888)318-6SAN FRANCISCO CA
GRAMMARLY SAN FRANCISCO CAGRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 8883186146 CARefund from
GRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 888-318-6146 CAPAYPAL ECHECK GRAMMARLY WEB ID: PAYPALEC88GRAMMARLY 888-318-614 888-318-6146 CA
GRAMMARLY 888-318-61888-318-6146 CAPAYPAL *GRAMMARLY 8883186146 CAPAYPAL *GRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 CA
PAYPAL *GRAMMARLY 402-935-7733 CAGRAMMARLY (888)318-6146Payment to
DEBIT CARD PURCHASE - GRAMMARLY xxx-xxx-xxxx xxx-xxx-6146 CA: GRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 888-318-6146 CAPAYPAL *GRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 WA
GRAMMARLY.COM 888-318-6146 CAGRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 888-3186146 CAPAYPAL *GRAMMARLY
VISA DDA PUR 449215 GRAMMARLY 888 318 6146 888 318 6146 * CADebit Purchase - Visa Grammarly 888-31888-318-6146caGRAMMARLY 888-318-6146 888-318-6146 CA 94104 US

Can I pause Grammarly Premium instead of canceling it?

No, you can’t. Your only two options are to continue using the paid version of the app or cancel the subscription and revert back to the free edition.

Interesting alternatives to Grammarly worth checking out

ProWritingAid$60 for a yearly subscription, or $210 for a lifetime subscription
  • Very affordable
  • Plenty of writing styles
  • A rich selection of integrations
WhiteSmoke$4.16/month for the Essential plan and $6.67/month for the Premium version of the app
  • Available for all devices and operating systems
  • More than 100 writing templates
  • Comes with various writing guides and tutorials
Ginger$7.49/month (there’s also a free version of the app)
  • Has a built-in translator feature
  • Has a text reader to help you with pronunciation

Is Grammarly causing you problems? Use DoNotPay to send demand letters to them and set the record straight

Our app specializes in cases, so we’re the ones to talk to if Grammarly hurt your rights as a user. As recipients of the ABA Brown Award for access to justice efforts, we’re qualified to arm you with everything you need to take an unethical service provider to the court of law.

If Grammarly or anyone else overstepped some boundary, reach out to our team, and we’ll see if you have a real case on your hands.

What else can you get out of DoNotPay

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