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Want To Cancel Equinox Membership? Here’s How You Can Do It Fast & Easy

Equinox is a chain of luxury fitness centers that operate in the U.S. There are more than 300 Equinox centers spread across various U.S. cities, Toronto, Vancouver, and London. Members often sign up for year-long contract memberships, which doesn’t always turn out to be a good idea.

The fitness centers make it difficult to cancel, citing the contract rules and avoiding legitimate cancelation requests.

Cancel Equinox Membership by Yourself

Canceling during the first year of your membership can be challenging. Most of their contracts stipulate that you can only terminate your subscription if you:

  • Have a medical issue that prevents you from going to Equinox
  • Relocated more than 25 miles away from any Equinox center

While still in the first year, the fitness center will make it difficult for you to cancel.

There are multiple methods you can use to unsubscribe from Equinox:

  1. Calling them by phone
  2. Sending an email
  3. Canceling in-person
  4. Sending a letter

Canceling Equinox Membership via Phone Call

When you’re ready to cancel your Equinox membership, you should get a hold of their customer service line. Here’s how you cancel by phone:

  1. Dial (212) 774-6363
  2. Ask to talk to a representative
  3. Explain your situation and why you wish to cancel your membership

Canceling Equinox Membership via Email

You can also cancel the service by sending an email to the Equinox customer support team. To do this, you have to:

  1. Type out a cancellation request
  2. Include information that confirms your identity and membership
  3. Send the email to

You should receive a confirmation email after the gym has processed your cancellation.

Canceling Equinox Membership In Person

Like most gyms, Equinox allows you to terminate your membership on location. To do this, you have to bring a valid ID to help the representative identify you. Just ask them to cancel your membership and they should be able to take care of it.

Canceling Equinox Membership With a Letter

The fitness center that you signed up for will accept cancellation requests in letter form. Make sure you know the exact address of the location before sending your letter. Cancel by:

  1. Writing down a cancellation request
  2. Including your membership details
  3. Sending the letter to the fitness center’s mailing address

Use one of these methods to cancel your Equinox membership:

Can I Cancel With

Yes / No










DoNotPay Can Cancel Equinox for You

Canceling a service like Equinox can be a hassle. If you don’t have time to find a gym’s mailing address or spend an hour on the phone, you can let DoNotPay handle the job instead. Our app makes canceling Equinox a piece of cake. It’s a simple and straightforward process. To cancel any service, you must:

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  2. Press the Find Hidden Money option
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You can connect DoNotPay to your email or bank account to let it track your active subscriptions. It’s a convenient way to prevent paying for services you don’t use. You can then use the app to cancel the ones you no longer need.

Need Another Gym? Options Are Plentiful

If you decided to quit Equinox because of bad service or high pricing, you might still want to find somewhere to work out. Gyms aren’t a rare sight, and you can get some pretty good membership deals in other locations. Here are some examples that might catch your attention:




Planet Fitness

  • Classic Membership—$10 per month
  • Black Card Membership—$22 per month
  • Affordable membership prices
  • No-commitment memberships are available in many centers

24 Hour Fitness

  • $29.99 per month
  • Fitness centers have pool and spa areas
  • Diverse equipment and machines

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