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Cancel doTERRA membership in short order

doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company focused on selling essential oils and similar products internationally. doTERRA members can gain access to the Loyalty Rewards Program through which they can redeem points and claim free products, as well as take advantage of special promotions and discounts.

Cancel doTERRA membership within seconds with DoNotPay

donotpay how to cancel any service

We know how tiring and tedious canceling a subscription can be. By using DoNotPay, you will no longer have to wait in long phone queues, fill out web forms, nor write lengthy emails. If you have had enough of doTERRA, you can easily cancel your membership by:

  1. Opening DoNotPay through a
  2. Selecting Find Hidden Money
  3. Entering doTERRA as the service you would like to call off

We will notify you as soon as your subscription is canceled.

How to cancel your doTERRA membership

When you decide that it is time to part ways with doTERRA and find another essential oil supplier, you will have two options of canceling your membership:

  • Cancel your membership by calling doTERRA’s customer service
  • Sending doTERRA a membership cancelation email

Cancel your doTERRA membership by phone

One way to sort out your doTERRA membership is to reach out to the company’s customer service and ask them to shut down your account. You can do this by:

  1. Calling 800-411-8151
  2. Asking the customer representative to close your account
  3. Providing your account details
  4. Requesting a confirmation email as proof of your demand

Cancel doTERRA membership by email

If you do not mind taking the time to write an email to doTERRA and request to have your subscription terminated, you will be able to do it by:

  1. Writing a membership cancelation email
  2. Sending it to
  3. Providing the necessary account information
  4. Asking for proof of request such as a confirmation number or email

Can you cancel with

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doTERRA is not working for you? Find satisfaction elsewhere!

doTERRA’s products are not going to satisfy everyone’s needs. That is why it is important to know that other options are available. Here are some of the ones you should keep an eye on:




Edens Garden

Free of charge

  • $2 of each purchase goes to Feeding America
  • Claim discounts through friend referrals

Rocky Mountain Oils


  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • 100% pure and natural essential oils

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