How to cancel Club Penguin membership in a few easy steps

Club Penguin is a kids-oriented massive multiplayer online game made by Disney. Within the game, children can take part in various fun and educational activities.

Canceling Club Penguin manually

There are several ways to cancel Club Penguin membership. You can do it via Parent Tools Account by filling out the form, or by email.

Canceling by Parent Tools Account

  1. Visit the Club Penguin website
  2. Click on the “Membership” tab 
  3. Scroll down, and you will see the “Manage Your Account” section. Click on the “Parent Tools” button next to it
  4. Log in using the parent email and password
  5. Click the “Cancel Membership” button on the right side
  6. Finish the cancelation process

Canceling by filling out the form

  1. Click on the cancelation form to download it 
  2. Fill out the form with the required data. 
  3. Send the form to Disney The address is 200 Front Street W Suite 2900 Toronto, ON M5V 3L4 Canada

Canceling by email

  1. Compose an email asking Club Penguin to cancel your account 
  2. Ask them to send you the proof of cancelation
  3. Send the mail to the

Canceling the Club Penguin via DoNotPay

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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of canceling the subscription on your own, you can get our app to assist you. DoNotPay will help you cancel the Club Penguin services quickly and easily. It takes less than two minutes and requires little to no effort on your part. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Open the app on the browser
  2. Select the “Find Hidden Money” tab
  3. Type “Club Penguin” as the service you want to cancel
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”

Sit back and relax because the rest is up to us! In less than 48 hours, the app will send you a notification to let you know that your service has been successfully canceled.

Can you cancel with Yes / No
DoNotPay Yes
Email Yes
Phone No
Letter No
In-person No
Company website Yes

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Club Penguin charges on a credit card statement

You’ll know you’ve spent some money on Club Penguin services if you find the following statements on your credit card:


Can I pause my Club Penguin membership?

It’s possible to log in on your old Club Penguin accounts in the new Club Penguin server, which means that Club Penguin allows people to pause their memberships.

Does Club Penguin prorate their cancelations?

Nope. Club Penguin allows its members to change the membership plan, or unsubscribe completely. To do that, you need to wait until your current membership plan finishes.

The Best Club Penguin alternatives

Company Pricing Benefits Free
  • Rivals Club Penguin in the fun factor
  • Free 
  • Great features
Animal Jam Freemium
  • Free (with ads)
  • Variety of animals to choose from
  • Fun and educational content

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