How To Cancel BookRags Subscription

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Learn How To Cancel Your BookRags Subscription in the Blink of an Eye

BookRags is an educational website that offers a wide array of study guides, lesson plans, and summaries on literary works. It is based in Seattle, Washington, and was founded back in 1999.

How To Cancel BookRags Subscription Yourself

BookRags does not offer many ways to cancel your subscription manually. Have a look at what your options are:

Can You Cancel With






Company Website


In Person



How To Cancel Your BookRags Subscription Through the Company’s Website

If you decide to end BookRags subscription through their website, this is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Open the BookRags website
  2. Select the Sign In option in the right corner
  3. Log in by entering your email and password
  4. Select the My Account link by clicking your email in the top right corner
  5. On the Manage Subscriptions page click on the Cancel Subscription button

Your BookRags membership should now be canceled.

DoNotPay Can Help You Cancel Your BookRags Subscription in a Matter of Minutes

Do yourself a favor and opt to terminate your BookRags subscription with the help of DoNotPay. The entire process lasts a few minutes and is completely stress-free. These are the only steps you need to follow:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Type in BookRags

Congrats, you have successfully finished the cancellation process with the help of DoNotPay! Our app will notify you when your cancellation has been finalized.

What Are Some Alternatives to BookRags?

There are numerous services that offer similar features as BookRags. Take a look at some of them:





$20 a month

  • Suitable for people studying literature at an advanced level
  • A text analyzer tool


$25 a month

  • Suitable for pre-university students
  • All the summaries are written by people holding a Ph.D


$20 a month

  • The chapter summaries on GradeSaver are free to read
  • Mock exam titles

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