How Can You Cancel a Money Order Fast

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How to Cancel a Money Order Using DoNotPay

You have room to cancel a that has not been cashed; however, you should be aware of your order status. Though it is possible to cancel a money order, it is a lengthy process that will require you to fill out the recipient's details online and request a cancellation.

Whether you call customer care or request cancellation online, the entire process is time-consuming and can take up to 60 days. Fortunately, you don't have to let the money order cancellation process ruin your other plans when you can let DoNotPay do it for you in a simple and less frustrating way.

What You Should Know About Money Order

If your has been lost or stolen, it is advisable to take quick action to safeguard the amount you used to buy it. Every issuer has a procedure that you can use to cancel the payment and receive a replacement or refund of any uncashed money order.

It is important to note that cashed money orders can neither be replaced nor refunded. In this case, you have only one option: request a copy of signed or cashed money from the issuers. Hand the copy to your local law enforcement to begin the investigation. If they manage to get the imposter who cashed the money order, you stand a chance of getting your lost cashback.

Take note that very minimal risk is involved if you fill in a money order thoroughly and give it directly to the recipient or send it via certified mail. If the money order goes missing, though on rare occasions, the high chances are that you will get your money back provided it has not been cashed.

Discover How to Know a Fake Money Order

Before accepting a money order, you should ascertain that it is real. You can spot a fake money order through:

  • Examining the paper. It should have a Ben Franklin watermark on the left side if you hold it against the light.
  • Checking the dollar amounts. The dollar amount in the money order should not appear discolored.

Learn How to Cancel a Money Order by Yourself

Follow this procedure below:

  1. Contact the issuer
  2. Give details
  3. Attach a copy of the receipt
  4. Provide a cancellation request form and pay a fee

Contact the Issuer

After discovering that your money order is lost, do not hesitate to contact the money order origin, who will initiate the cancellation process. You are supposed to fill out a cancellation form, you should go to the post office and fill out a form in the case of a postal service money order.

Give Details

You will be required to provide some personal details on the cancellation form, which include

  • Purchase date
  • Location
  • Amount
  • Tracking number and more

All the above information is found on the money order receipt you were issued with during a purchase. If you misplaced your receipt, make sure to provide as many details as you can remember.

In some cases, you might be required to give out the details of the individual or the firm you sent the money order to.

Accompany With a Receipt of Purchase

If you haven't misplaced your receipt, you can attach it to the cancellation form.

Submit the Cancellation Request Form and Pay a Fee

Many issuers will not require you to return the form to the exact location it was issued; instead, they provide email, fax, or mail options. Below are the rates major money order companies charge for a cancellation:

MoneyGram$18 (available at Walmart)
U.S. Postal Service$6.25
Western Union$15 if you have your receipt, $30 if you don't

The issuer will accept your payment and research whether your order was cashed-if so, your money order will be canceled, and you get a new one or a refund.

However, using DIY methods is a long experience you won't like since it takes much of your time and resources. As aforementioned, it will take you 20 to 30 days, depending on the issuer. If the receipt is available, if not, it can take more than eight weeks. You won't have to undergo all this disappointment since DoNotPay Cancel -Anything product has a perfect solution for you.

Learn How to Cancel a Money Order Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay helps you in three simple steps:

  1. Search for the Cancel Anything product on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of the company you need to cancel your order/payment with.

  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

What Other Problems Can DoNotPay Help You Solve?

Solving your money order problem is not the only solution DoNotPay has for you; there are plenty of solutions, including how to cancel:

  1. PayPal payment
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  3. Zelle payment
  4. Venmo payment
  5. eBay order
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  7. Walmart order
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  9. United flight
  10. Southwest flight

You don't have to be stressed with canceling your money order when DoNotPay has a remedy for you! Sign up today and let us help.

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