Can I Cancel My Turo Reservation?

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Can I Cancel My Turo Car Reservation Easily?

Most people have had to rent a car at some point in their life, whether it was because of an accident, vacation, or any other issue. Car rentals are known to be expensive too, especially if you get the added insurance on top of it. Sometimes it's cheaper to just get a taxi, but if you've already reserved a rental, then you run into the problem of trying to cancel. Turo certainly won't make it easy on you. So, how can you easily

The easiest way to cancel a Turo reservation is to go through DoNotPay. They'll handle the whole process for you so you don't have to worry about a thing! Instead of stressing over a cancellation that seems impossible, just let someone else do the hard work, so you don't have to.

How to Cancel a Turo Reservation

Depending on when you , Turo won't charge a cancellation fee. They may also give you a partial refund if you've notified the host you need to shorten your trip, and the host has accepted the terms. Otherwise, you won't be able to get a refund with Turo.

Here is a quick information on Turo Cancellation Policy:

Booking TimeFree Cancellation
25+ hours before trip24 hours before trip
24 hours before tripUp to 1 hour after booking
Trip LengthPartial Refund
More than 2 daysFull trip - average trip price/fee combined (one day) + half of any delivery fee
Less than 2 daysFull trip - average trip price/fee combined (half of one day) + half of any delivery fee

There is no refund for a guest who fails to show to pick up their reservation.

To cancel a Turo reservation:

  1. Log into your Turo account.
  2. Go to the "trips" tab.
  3. Find the trip you want to cancel. It'll be marked as "booked".
  4. Choose "modify trip".
  5. Click the "cancel" button.
  6. Choose a cancellation reason. It may not be exactly to your situation.
  7. Make sure it shows up as "canceled" under the "trips" tab.

If the host of your Turo reservation fails to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled meeting time, you will receive a full refund for your trip. You have 24 hours to use it for another reservation, or you can have it deposited back into your bank account. It's up to you!

Is Turo Being Difficult? Take Them to Small Claims Court

Did you know you can send demand letters to a company if they refuse to help you? It's not as difficult as it might sound either, especially not when you go through DoNotPay.

If Turo is refusing to help you in any way, you can take them to court and get compensation for it. Chances are they'll try to settle out of court and avoid media attention too. No company wants a bad reputation!

Thankfully, DoNotPay has experience in taking companies to small claims courts. They're even recognized by the American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Access.

It's safe to say DoNotPay knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to small claims court. They'll even give you a script to use during the actual court hearing in case Turo doesn't want to settle out of court, or you're not satisfied with the settlement they offered.

Use DoNotPay to Cancel Your Turo Reservation

DoNotPay can easily help you cancel your Turo car rental reservation. This way, you won't have to deal with any unhelpful customer service representatives or confusing online forms. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and DoNotPay will send Turo a cancellation letter.

Everything is fast, simple, and easy with DoNotPay.

  1. Search for the Cancel Anything product on DoNotPay.

  2. Enter the name of the company you need to cancel your order/payment with.

  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

Once you submit the details, we'll work on composing a cancellation letter for you.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies

Whether you've made reservations at a restaurant or ordered something you didn't need, DoNotPay can help you cancel a lot more than a Turo car reservation. They can help you cancel something with just about any company, including:

As well as several other companies. There's almost no company they can't send a cancellation letter to.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Well, what else do you need help with? There's so many services DoNotPay offers that it's hard to find something they can't help with. It doesn't matter if you have a issue or an everyday problem either, they likely have the perfect solution for you.

Aside from helping with cancellations, DoNotPay can also help with the following:

If you have a problem, consider asking DoNotPay for help.

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