Everything You Must Know About the Backcountry Price Adjustment Policy

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How to Get the Best Deal With Backcountry’s Price Match Policy

Price matching saves you money without the need to switch from shopping at your favorite retailers. For outdoor adventurers, shopping at Backcountry is a regular occurrence for top-quality outdoor gear and clothing. Use the guarantee to ensure you always get the best price on your gear. While the policy helps get the lowest price on items, it is not always feasible in our busy schedules to search for lower prices on competitors' websites. Therefore, many just pay the price found at Backcountry for their items.

Stop paying regular prices for your Backcountry purchases. DoNotPay helps you get the best deal by taking advantage of Backcountry's price match policy for you. DoNotPay will check for lower prices on your desired items and contact Backcountry on your behalf to ensure they do the right thing and honor their price match policy for your purchase. DoNotPay can help you save on everything using retailers' price match guarantees, from Lowe's price matching to price matching at Walmart to knowing what stores price match. We are here to help you score savings.

Does Backcountry Price Match?

not only price matches if you find a product at a lower price on a different site. Backcountry agrees to beat the better price by 5%. Therefore, checking for a lower price on items you're interested in purchasing at Backcountry has a big payoff. You deserve the best deal, and with a little research, you can ensure you pay less for your outdoor gear and clothing purchases.

Price Match?Yes
Time-frameBefore making a purchase or within 48-hours of an already purchased item.
Price MatchesOnline retailers based in the United States and authorized by Backcountry.
  • Auction sites
  • 3rd party sellers
  • Cash-back affiliate purchases
  • In-stock items only
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions
  • Sales tax, shipping, and other fees
  • Rebates
  • Free offers
  • One-time only promotions
  • Bundled discounts
  • Misprinted advertised prices by competitors
  • Any services
  • Custom orders
  • Protect+Powered by Extend products
Where to redeemOnline by chatting with a customer service Gearhead.

Call customer service to speak with a Gearhead.

Take Advantage of Backcountry Price Matching With These Steps

Since Backcountry offers a price match policy, you shouldn't pay more than you have to for items purchased. There are two ways to request a price match at Backcountry, via chat or phone. We've outlined the steps for each option, so you can score the best price on your gear.

Call Backcountry for a Price Match Before Making a Purchase

  1. Find the identical item in new condition at a lower price on another website. Ensure the item is the same color, size, and model year.
  2. Take note of the advertised price and that it can be verified online.
  3. Call the Gearheads at 1-855-485-8174.
  4. Tell the rep about finding the lower price and ask for a price match.
  5. The Gearhead will verify the item and pricing.
  6. At the discretion of Backcountry staff, the price will be adjusted to 5% lower than the price matched before you make your purchase.
  7. Note that if you've already made the purchase, you'll need to contact the Gearheads within 48-hours of your purchase to get refunded the price difference.

Chat with Backcountry for Price Matching

  1. Identify a lower price for the desired item or one you recently purchased (within 48 hours). Ensure the lower-priced item is the same size, color, and model year to qualify for a price match.
  2. Go to backcountry.com.
  3. Click on the Chat button to contact a Gearhead.
  4. Provide the website advertising the lower price for the item.
  5. The Gearhead will verify the item and pricing difference.
  6. If approved by the Backcountry staff, the lower price plus a 5% discount will be applied to the item for you to purchase.
  7. Complete your purchase for the lowest price!

DoNotPay Makes Price Matching at Backcountry Quick and Easy

Finding items at lower prices and contacting Backcountry customer support can be frustrating and requires a lot of your time. Therefore, DoNotPay is here to claim the price match guarantee from Backcountry fast and easy. DoNotPay will do the upfront research to find the lowest available price for your item and contact Backcountry on your behalf to allow you to make your purchase at the discounted price.

DoNotPay can help with Backcountry price match claims but can also ensure you get the savings you deserve by price matching at almost any retailer. With a click of a button, you'll be on your way to paying the lowest price on all your purchases.

How to take advantage of Backcountry price matching with DoNotPay:

Ready to get the best price on your Backcountry purchase but don't know where to start? DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.

  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.

  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased so we can see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we'll double-check for you.

It's that simple to get the best deal through price matching at Backcountry with DoNotPay. DoNotpay identifies if your purchase is eligible for price matching and contacts the retailer on your behalf to get the discount you deserve. Contact us to get started on saving money on your purchases by taking advantage of retailers' price match policies.

The Many Ways DoNotPay Helps You Save

Besides making a breeze, DoNotPay can help you price match at almost any retailer and more.

  • DoNotPay's Find the Best Deals Service: Always know the cheapest price available for your desired purchase with the help of DoNotPay. DoNotPay searches for the best deals for your item by sending the top 3 lowest prices found for your item.
  • DoNotPay's Deals and Coupons Service: DoNotPay searches for all coupons and discounts available at Backcountry and other stores with a quick web search for active promo codes.

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