Easiest Way to Recover Your Hacked AWS Account

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How To Regain Access To Your Hacked AWS Account

Having your prevents you from accessing Amazon services or, worse, allows the hacker to make fraudulent purchases. Hacks also leak sensitive information to the public, which may cause risks to families. For this reason, AWS should ensure that consumers' data is safe at all costs.

In case , AWS needs to comply to help you recover it. This seldom occurs if you lack a third party who'll speak on your behalf.

This is where DoNotPay comes in. We'll work quickly to restore your AWS account in just a few easy steps.

How Can Your AWS Account Be Hacked?

Your AWS account can get hacked in 3 ways:

  • Leaked AWS Credentials: If you share your credentials with the public, knowingly or not, bad things happen.
  • Laptop or desktop exposed: If someone steals your laptop, they may discover AWS access keys stored in the AWS credential files.
  • Cracking weak passwords: A hacker may decrypt weak passwords using automated software.
  • Providing data to websites: When you sign up for a website, your details can be stolen and published online. Using the same password across different channels means many accounts are compromised when hacked.

What To Do If Your AWS Account is Hacked

According to Amazon, AWS active users exceed 1,000,000. This shows how many people rely on these services, and losing access creates inconveniences.

So what should you do if you can't access the services?

  • Act Fast

The first step is to take action right away. The moment you notice a suspicious activity on your site, take charge on the spot to keep it safe.

  • Change Your Password

This applies if you can still access your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your AWS account and click "Accounts and Lists"
  2. Select 'Login & security.' You'll need to re-enter your password for verification.
  3. Click edit under the password section.
  4. Key in your current password, then the new one, and confirm it before clicking save changes.
  • Recover your AWS Account

If the hacker has changed your password or locked your AWS account, you must use your AWS account to regain access.

  1. Click on the AWS login page
  2. Go to need help, then select forgot password
  3. Enter your phone number or email address to proceed
  4. Put in the one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone number or email address, then click continue.
  5. AWS may ask a security question to verify your identity
  6. Enter your new password twice before clicking save changes
  • Contact AWS

When all fails, reach out to AWS using a different account. Let them know that your account was hacked. Include the account number and email address associated with the AWS.

Then inform AWS customer support that you can't access your account. After that, wait for AWS support to respond. This may take hours or days. If all goes well, they'll reactivate your account.

Despite following these steps to recover your AWS account, your efforts may be futile. Most companies do not take recommended steps to help users recover hacked accounts unless pressurized.

That's why DoNotPay puts pressure on these companies through demand letters. In turn, they take the consumer complaints in earnest and prioritize them.

Recover Your AWS Account Using DoNotPay

If you want to recover your AWS account but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the Recover Hacked Account product on DoNotPay and tell us the name of the company or platform of your hacked account.
  2. Enter the information associated with your account, such as your username.
  3. Tell us whether you have paid for the account and would like a refund.
  4. And that’s it! We will send a demand letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for the company’s representatives to help you recover your account.

DoNotPay will send the demand letter on your behalf with a two-week deadline for their representatives to help you recover the account. If they don't, you can escalate the issue to small claims court.

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Why Use DoNotPay to Recover your AWS Hacked Account?

Recovering a hacked account on your own is exhausting and time-consuming. Take advantage of DoNotPay's recover hacked accounts product today to recover your hacked AWS account.

DoNotPay is:

  • Fast: Recover your account in the shortest time possible, before hackers do further damage
  • Efficient: You need to follow no more than 5 simple steps
  • Successful: We'll ensure AWS recovers your hacked account asap

Recovering a hacked AWS account takes more time than necessary, but DoNotPay speeds the process. Sign up today to begin.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Recovering hacked accounts is just one of many things DoNotPay can help you with. Whether you need compensation for animal-related injuries or want to negotiate for lower rates to stay in a nursing home, DoNotPay got you covered.

We will help you:

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