A Guide to the Anthropologie Price Adjustment Policy

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How Does the Anthropologie Price Adjustment Policy Work?

Anthropologie is a renowned U.S. clothing retailer with over 200 stores that offer an assortment of clothing, decoration, home furniture, beauty, gifts, and jewelry. The company makes every attempt to provide its customers with consistently low pricing throughout its catalog, stores, and website. But does ? That's the all-important question this post aims to answer.

Most of today's online retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy always try to provide the best possible prices for their products. But sometimes, these low prices are matched with even lower prices from the competition. And for such big companies striving to keep their loyal customers while attracting even more prospects, price matching shouldn't be anything to fuss about.

So, does Anthropologie price match like its competition, or do you have to use alternative options such as coupons and discounts to find better deals? Let's find out.

Does Anthropologie Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Unfortunately, the giant retailer doesn't price match its products. But all isn't lost still, because Anthropologie has one of the friendliest price adjustment policies you can benefit from. For instance, you should be eligible for a price adjustment if you bought an item from the Anthropologie website or store, but the item is then put on sale before 14 days elapse.

Anthropologie will offer you a one-time price adjustment on your purchased item only if you bought it at full price. However, you must provide the original sales receipt within 14 days from the time of the purchase.

Anthropologie does not make price adjustments for items bought online and on phones in stores. Price adjustments are also not applicable to shipping fees. Similarly, you cannot make price adjustments for items bought at the store over the phone. The store or website will refund the adjusted amount when you return the item within the price adjustment deadline, and all terms and conditions are met.

Like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Kohl's, provides customers with the necessary incentive they need to continue shopping from the giant retailer.

Other Ways to Save at Anthropologie When Shopping

Purchasing items at full price at an Anthropologie store or website can be prohibitively expensive and may even discourage potential customers from buying from the store. Fortunately, Anthropologie provides customers with other ways to get what they want at far lower prices.

This section provides a detailed overview of how you can purchase products from Anthropologie and save some extra bucks in the process:

Join the AnthroPerks ProgramThe AnthroPerks program allows the retailer's members to unlock many promo codes, deals, and access to early savings. The best part about using this program is that it is a free loyalty program that provides:
  • early access to new arrivals
  • exclusive members-only savings
  • free shipping on orders over $50
  • birthday coupons
  • and many other perks
Use Anthropologie's Return PolicyWhile the retailer's return policy is almost unheard of among shoppers, Anthropologie actually offers a one-year return policy for its products for a full refund. You can use the return policy to receive a full refund for any product provided it meets the company's minimum return policy terms and conditions.
Apply for an Anthropologie Price Match Within 14 DaysIt always feels like betrayal purchasing an item only for it to go on sale a few days later. Luckily, Anthropologie offers customers up to 14 days price match guarantee for their products. This means if you purchase that ring you've been eyeing, then it goes on sale within two weeks of purchase, you could qualify for a price adjustment on the original purchase price.
Sign Up to Receive the Anthropologie NewsletterSigning up to receive Anthropologie newsletters is another beneficial way of staying in the know. Anthro's newsletter features information on upcoming and current sales, new inventory, and other exclusive Anthropologie discounts and coupons.

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