How to Request a Price Match from American Express

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How Does the American Express Price Match Policy Work?

American Express is a multinational company best known for personal, small-scale business, and corporate credit card businesses. The company was founded in 1850 in New York, and since then, it has served countless people in the payment card industry.

American Express has grown to become one of the most popular credit card companies. The company offers discounts and special promotions to its customers living in different countries of the world — that's why they are accepted and trusted by customers worldwide.

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Does American Express Price Match?

Yes, for most products obtained using the Amex card. Whether you use the card for retail, dining, traveling, healthcare, fuel, and other things, American Express has the best value guarantee policy.

The advantage of this policy is that you will get the best price on the service or product you want without visiting other merchants. This is because the policy allows you to get the same price on items once you notice that they are available elsewhere at a cheaper cost. Therefore, it enables the consumer to save money when using American Express credit cards.

CompanyAmerican Express
Price Match? Yes
Time-frameWithin 30 days of purchase
Price MatchesShopify Capital, Cap One, Expensify, Brex
ExclusionsAnimals, plants, artwork, perishable goods, jewelry
Where to redeem it?In-store at any lane or at guest services

American Express Price Match Policy Details

As stated earlier, American Express has a best value guarantee policy that ensures you pay the lowest prices on covered goods, provided you are using their credit card. The policy allows consumers to get a refund once they notice a similar item they purchased a while back is available at a cheaper cost. However, the policy only applies within 30 days from the date of the purchase, after which you won't be eligible for a refund.

Even though American Express' best value guarantee ensures you pay the lowest prices on covered items, it does not apply to those bought from merchants that have already put in place a lower price guarantee program. Moreover, users of AMEX credit cards are only entitled to one refund request for an item within 30 days.

Best Value Guarantee Exclusions

While the policy covers most products available in stores and online merchants, there are a few exceptions to some items. They include

  • Animals and plants
  • Unique items which rarely have others similar to them, such as artwork and antiques
  • Items that can be bought with cash only
  • Perishable goods like foodstuffs
  • Refurbished items
  • Cellular phones
  • Land and buildings

How to Request American Express Price Match by Yourself

If you purchase an item using an American Express credit card and find out that there is a lower price for the same product or service, you can get a refund. Simply follow the steps below to :

  1. Look for a similar item that is available at a lower cost.
  2. Contact the American Express service line 866-643-687 and inform them that you would like to request a refund. You will then be required to send the store receipts and your record of charge before 90 days.
  3. Wait for your request to be approved.
  4. Once it is approved, the price differences of the items will be refunded to you, provided it does not exceed $250, excluding taxes and shipping costs.

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