Everything About the Amazon Pre-Order Price Guarantee Policy

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee Policy

Amazon is unarguably a global brand. Although it's best known for eCommerce, Amazon has also dramatically invested in cloud computing and digital media. Its 25+ years on the market has made it a go-to shopping site for most American online shoppers. But have you ever wondered whether ?

In essence, consumers are always looking for where to shop at the best prices. Although Amazon doesn't price match, studies show that, on average, the Seattle tech giant has prices that are 13% less than other U.S. major retailers. However, don't let this fact block you from searching whether Amazon competitors, such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl's, or Nordstrom, have better deals to help you save those extra bucks off your shopping. Remember, you can now accomplish this impeccably with the help of DoNotPay's Price Match product.

Does Amazon Have a Pre-order Price Guarantee Policy?

Yes. Although Amazon lacks a price match policy like many other online and physical stores, you're . This offering is because Amazon prices for not-yet-released merchandise are bound to change between when you place your order and when your goods get released or shipped.

What Is Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee?

This is Amazon's price protection policy that ensures you'll get charged the lowest price for qualified pre-order purchases at Amazon. This policy applies to both tangible goods and digital assets:

Physical goods.The price you'll get charged for tangible Amazon pre-order items will be the lowest price on Amazon between the time you place your order and the end of the day of the release date.
Digital products.This covers games, software, Amazon Music, and Kindle Books. With a pre-order price guarantee, the price of your digital content will be the lowest between your order date and the date the product is launched.

Requirements for Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee

Not all pre-order merchandise can qualify for . The product has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The product should be categorized as not-yet-released and must have a display of the "Pre-order Price Guarantee" message on the product feature page.
  • Only products on Amazon.com qualify. Any other product on Amazon-operated or affiliate websites isn't eligible.
  • Pre-order price guarantee by Amazon doesn't apply to items that require you to join another Amazon program to qualify for lower prices.

How Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee Works

Typically, you get charged on Amazon when your ordered goods enter the shipping process. Here are two possible outcomes for qualifying Amazon pre-order products:

  1. If the price of your pre-order item changes before shipment, you should see the changes with the new updated price within 48 hours of the change.
  2. If your product(s) is shipped, but the price lowers before the end of the product's release date, Amazon will automatically refund your debit or credit the difference between the price you paid and the new price within two days.

Note: If you used a different payment method other than a debit/credit card, contact Amazon to know how you'll get your refund.

Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Amazon

It doesn't matter if you're shopping on Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, or Lowe's; the bottom line is that you want to save as much as it's possible. For today, let's show you the seven top-rated ways to save when you next purchase on Amazon.

  1. Join Amazon Prime. Though you typically pre-pay for this, Amazon Prime members have advantages in the long-term, such as exclusive discounts, free and fast shipping, a free book per month, etc.
  2. Bundle items to qualify for free shipping. You can be eligible for this if your order is at least $25.
  3. Take advantage of coupons and promo codes redeemable at Amazon.com. However, this can sometimes be tiring, but DoNotPay can help through its Deals and Coupons product. When you outsource this service to us, we'll return all applicable coupons you can use with your next Amazon order.
  4. Leverage the Amazon Subscribe & Save program for your everyday essentials and get up to 15% off.
  5. Explore the daily deals to discover whether there is an offer for something you need. With DoNotPay's Find the Best Deals, we can ease this for you by proactively searching Amazon.com and other retailers to give you the lowest deals with a 70%+ discount.
  6. Look for highly discounted items at Amazon Warehouse. You can find quality second-hand or refurbished products and save extra dollars.
  7. Add items you intend to buy to your Amazon.com cart. When there is a price change, Amazon will automatically alert you. Therefore, you'll know when the item is selling for a lower price.

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