How to Get Free Singapore Airport Lounge Access Using Your Credit Card

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Accessing Airport Lounges in Singapore With Your Credit Card

Gone are when easy and convenient airport lounge access was a reserve of frequent or exclusive flyers. You don't have to cough up hefty fees to catch a little R&R before your flight. One-day passes, lounge memberships, and free Singapore airport lounge access via your credit card are all convenient means of making your sky-bound journey a little easier.

In this spirit of treating yourself right, you don't have to research complicated methods to gain airport lounge access. Here at DoNotPay, we're dedicated to helping you visit these swanky locations and either put your feet up or lay your head down for a short nap before it's time to take off.

What to Expect in the Lounge

For many passengers, airport lounges are a must because they offer many advantages, especially to those who travel a lot. Here are a few things you may be missing out on when you don’t take advantage of airport lounge access:

PeaceAirports can be hectic, especially during peak days, and there are times that you just want to escape the noise and distractions of a terminal entirely. Luckily, airport lounges offer you the peace you crave.
Cleaning up nicelyWe all want to look fresh and clean before and after traveling on an airplane. Many airport lounges offer showers where you can clean up and be on your way. It’s a perfect perk for those times you have to proceed to a big meeting.
Getting down to business earlyProceed to the airport lounge when you need to improve your presentation, review your notes, or catch up on emails. There you’ll find free Wi-Fi access and a quiet space to work on your project.
Eating and drinking comfortablyFeeling hungry while waiting for your flight? Airline lounges often provide gourmet food and beverages.

If hitting the nearby Starbucks or looking for a comfortable position on those plastic airport seats is your layover or pre-flight ritual, then there's so much you're missing out on. Behind those closed lounge doors lies a paradise that cuts you off from crying kids, the scurrying of passengers, and the endless rings and dings of a thousand smartphones.

If you're not a keen frequenter of the scene, here are a few of the amenities you didn't know you needed:

Power and WiFi Outlets

While most airports in Singapore recognize the right to information access and hence wifi is provided, more often than not, it's excruciatingly slow, has time limits, uses data, or is expensive. Airport power outlets, on the other hand, are limited in number. Even the most proactive airport can't have every passenger's one or two devices connected to these outlets.

The airport lounge is a welcome investment for anyone who needs to get some work done or simply needs to be connected to other people and current affairs. They usually have free, speedy, and stable internet access and numerous accessible outlets and USB ports.

Cleaner and More Private Restrooms

It goes without saying that with the sheer number of people who're waiting for or alighting flights, even with the cleaning crews working their most challenging, the public loos will still be less sterile than those in airport lounges.

Furthermore, these exclusive restrooms tend to be more robust, and a lot of them have actual doors and walls rather than the metal dividers in the public toilets. They may even have some surprise amenities like combs, dental products, and even shoe polishing areas.

A Relaxing Hot Shower

If you're going to a meeting, date, or conference right after your plane lands, there's something to be said about looking and smelling fresh. Airport lounges have showers to allow you to do just that.

Foods and Drinks

If you visit the same , the menu can get repetitive. Yet, 9 out of 10 times, the food there will be better than anything served on board the aircraft or in the airport food court. Not to mention, you'll save your money. Furthermore, if you're not averse to taking one or two alcoholic beverages before you bring them to the skies, then the airport lounge's open bar can help you take the edge off.


Walking around with and babysitting your bags is something you have to do at the airport. Leaving your baggage unattended can result in unwelcome talks with the police if someone reports a suspicious suitcase. Additionally, not everyone is your friend, and so if you're engrossed in your phone or are doing something on your laptop, it's easy for someone to disappear with your stuff magically. You wouldn't have to worry about any of this at a Singapore airport lounge.

While you still have to keep track of your belongings and bags, it's safe to say you can visit the restroom or get something to eat knowing your property is safe at your seat.

How to Access Airport Lounges in Singapore Using Your Credit Card

There’s no one fix for all when credit cards and accessing airport lounges. Different cards access different lounges for the singular traveler or you and a traveling companion.

Credit cards usually levy an annual fee. However, they can help you save hundreds of dollars you'd spend with stand-alone airport lounge memberships.

Below are the most common airport lounge networks that are credit card accessible:

  • Priority Pass Lounges. Priority Pass is a popular network that grants its members access to more than 1,300 airport lounges globally. You become a part of the family by buying into membership via the Priority Pass network or applying for a credit card partner who offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership. Using this perk through a credit card will necessitate enrolling your credit card account beforehand.
  • Airline-exclusive Lounges. If you purchase a first-class or business class ticket, there are times where you can get in for free. If not, you'll have to apply and pay for membership. The cost will vary depending on your frequent flyer status. However, with co-branded airline credit cards, passengers can visit these lounges.
  • Exclusive Membership. If you can believe it, there are airport lounges even more exclusive. Holders of The Platinum Card from American Express and Centurion members are the only ones with access to American Express Global Lounge Collection. This collection includes International American Express and AmEx's Centurion lounges, Priority Pass Select, Delta Airlines SkyClubs, Plaza Premium, Air Space, and Escape lounges.

Accessing Singapore Airport Lounges Using Credit Cards via DoNotPay

If you're new to the Singapore airport lounge life, acquiring the right card for the services you want can be a bit of a hassle. There are so many options available. Thankfully, you don't have to spend hours combing through the various companies' websites; has got you covered.

  1. Tell us which airport you're flying out of or into.
  2. Select whether you have any of the special travel rewards or airline credit cards, or are flying in a premium fare class.
  3. Enter which airline you're flying with.

You can then access any VIP airport lounge in Singapore and the rest of the world. Transform the way you fly at the click of a button.

Travel Perks From Other Airlines

Help us help you simplify the way you book and visit airport lounges by learning about your flying partner and their airline-specific lounges.

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