Cathay Pacific Lounge Access: Is It Available With Premium Economy?

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Does Premium Economy Get Lounge Access with Cathay Pacific?

It does not matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, most people do not relish the idea of sitting in a crowded airport lobby with dozens, or even hundreds, of other tired travelers. It would be so much nicer and more pleasant if you could relax a little in a quiet lounge. However, you cannot just walk into an airport lounge and start enjoying the amenities. Airport lounges are typically reserved for passengers who fly in higher tier classes, fly as frequent fliers, or utilize specific credit cards or rewards programs. If you are preparing for your next flight and are wondering if , DoNotPay can help you find the answers you need.

What Comes with Lounge Access?

Depending on the specific lounges and airport you are in, you may find a variety of different amenities in Cathay Pacific lounges, including:

  1. various dining options
  2. showers and shower suites
  3. workstations
  4. a champagne bar
  5. day suites and cabanas
  6. foot massage treatments

Who Can Use the Cathay Pacific Lounges?

Lounge access is available for various passengers, including:

  • First Class passengers
  • Business Class passengers
  • Selected members of The Marco Polo Club
  • Select oneworld partner program members

At first glance, it would appear that premium economy does not have lounge access. However, lounges are accessible for premium economy bookings in some circumstances. Lounge access is determined based on the highest tier of benefits that are applicable to you. For instance, if you are flying two different cabin classes during a single ticketed journey (e.g. the first leg of your flight is Business Class, but the connecting flight is Premium Economy), then Cathay Pacific will honor the highest class of travel--you will have Business Class lounge entitlement throughout the entire journey.

How to Get Lounge Access with Cathay Pacific On Your Own

There are a few ways you can get lounge access during your Cathay Pacific flights if you have premium economy tickets.

Book Two Tiers of TicketsYou can book Premium Economy for part of your journey, and a Business Class or First Class ticket for part of your journey, and receive access to a lounge due to having an appropriate class ticket.
Join the Marco Polo ClubThere are multiple ways to get different levels of Cathay Pacific lounge access as a Marco Polo Club Member.

Silver, Gold and Diamond members have certain lounge privileges, regardless of cabin class.

Lounge passes can be earned or purchased for self-use or for a travel companion.

Club members can use their Asia Miles to instantly redeem lounge access.

Oneworld Frequent Flyer MembersDepending on your membership tier, you can receive certain lounge privileges.
Get InvitedIf you're traveling with a friend or family member who has lounge access and the ability to offer access to a travel companion as an automatic benefit or by purchasing a pass, you can receive access as their +1 when available.

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