How To Locate Unclaimed Money in NH

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Looking for Unclaimed Money NH Might Be Holding for You? DoNotPay Can Help

The Treasury Department of New Hampshire expressed their surprise that there are so many people unaware of having some extra money lying around, waiting to be claimed. Over $65 million of unclaimed money has been returned to their rightful owners in the last decade. And that is only in New Hampshire.

The largest sum in 2019 was an unclaimed bank account with almost $190,000, but usually, that title is reserved for unclaimed insurance money. It is as unbelievable as the number of people that go through life without realizing they have unclaimed money from deceased relatives.

You might be one of these people, so start looking now!

Types of Unclaimed Money in New Hampshire

When a company, organization, bank, or person gets a hold of property whose rightful owner they cannot locate for a certain time, they are obliged by law to report it to the state’s treasury department. That time is called the dormancy period, and it usually lasts for five years. After the dormancy period passes and money holders report the unclaimed property to the state, it is considered abandoned.

Every state has a different dormancy period that varies depending on the type of property. You can find a brief overview of unclaimed property types in New Hampshire and their dormancy periods in the following table:

Type of PropertyDormancy Period
Wages, payroll, and salaryOne year
Checking and savings accountsFive years
Security depositsFive years
Uncashed checks (traveler’s checks excluded)Five years
Court depositsThree years
Health savings plansFive years
InsuranceFive years
Traveler’s checks15 years
Safe-deposit box proceedsFive years
UtilitiesFive years (except for utility deposits, for which dormancy period is one year)
Trust and investmentsFive years

Note that some property cannot become unclaimed. That includes:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Land
  • Furniture
  • Vessels

Where To Start Searching for Unclaimed Money in NH

According to Union Leader, the state of New Hampshire published a list of unclaimed property, containing over 25 thousand names with the value exceeding $14 million.

If you believe some of it to be yours, your starting point should be the New Hampshire State Treasury’s Abandoned Division.

To check if New Hampshire holds your money in their treasury, do the following:

  1. Click the Get Started button on the main page of the State Treasury website
  2. Enter your last name or the name of your business
  3. Provide the property ID
  4. Add your first name, city, and ZIP code to narrow down the search
  5. Hit Search

You’ll get a list of unclaimed property under the provided last name and other relevant information.

How To Claim Found Money in New Hampshire?

Once you’ve found unclaimed money that appears to be yours, you should click the Claim button. To proceed, you will have to select the Claimant Relationship.

Take a look at the mandatory information for filing a claim:

  • Claimant type
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address and its confirmation
  • Home phone number
  • Country
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • Home address

Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide proof of ownership, such as a government-issued photo ID, proof of Social Security number, and additional documents, depending on the relationship.

Why Is There Lost Money in New Hampshire?

There are many reasons why people forget about their assets, and New Hampshire residents are not an exception. Here is why people lose track of their money:

  • They relocate without informing the previous landlord and lose their deposit
  • A company closes, and they cannot claim their pensions and other funds
  • People fail to collect remaining paychecks from previous jobs
  • Customers change their phone numbers and addresses without informing money holders
  • People forget about their life insurance or aren’t aware of being a beneficiary of someone’s will

Claim Your Money Faster With DoNotPay

Finding lost assets can be challenging, and many people decide not to initiate the process because of that. We had that in mind when we created our feature for finding and claiming lost money.

The Missing Money feature allows you to claim your money without going through complicated procedures and disclosing your Social Security number or other sensitive details.

To find unclaimed money under your name, access DoNotPay from any and do the following:

  1. Open the Missing Money feature
  2. Enter your full name, address, and previous addresses
  3. Hit Search

Once you do this, we will launch an extensive search through different state and federal databases. If the search proves successful, and you find money under your name, you can use our Claim My Property feature, and we will file a claim on your behalf.

Alternative Options for Tracking Your NH Unclaimed Money

There are organizations and databases dedicated to specific types of unclaimed money, so if you know exactly how and where your money got lost, here is what you can do:

Let DoNotPay Deal With Other Administrative Issues

There are cases of people receiving millions of dollars of unclaimed money. This is not common, but most people have more than $100 in forgotten assets. When it comes to claiming this money, DoNotPay has a great rate of success.

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