Get Your TD Bank Coin Machine Fee Refunded Hassle-Free

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How to Appeal TD Bank Coin Machine Fees in 4 Steps

The is one that you would really rather avoid. If you are using a coin machine to convert your spare coins into paper currency, then you are clearly scratching up whatever funds you can manage to come up with at this time. There is no shame in that, and it is particularly noble that you have the ability to be resourceful in these circumstances. That said, you should not have to pay TD Bank coin machine fees when you are just trying to do your best to save as much of your money as possible. This is why you need an advocate like DoNotPay to help.

What Are Coin Machine Fees and How Much Are They?

People often take their coins to the coin machine to convert them to paper currency. This is because the paper currency is easier to carry around and manage. Most people do not like the idea of paying for their purchases using coins and this is why they spend so much time making sure they can get their hands on paper currency instead. However, there is indeed some work that goes into getting those coins processed and handled and that is why banks charge for this service. So what kind of fees does right now:

  1. Cash voucher: 10.9% of your total
  2. eGift Card: Free
  3. Charitable Donation: Free

Basically, the only way you will be charged is if you decide to have your coins exchanged directly into cash. Unfortunately, this is often what people want to do and the fees are pretty high. Yes, you could give up your coins to charity for free, or you could receive a gift card to a particular store, but most people gather coins up when they need to pay a bill and that means getting cash.

You may desire to get cash instead of coins because:

  • It is easier to carry
  • It takes less time to dole out for purchases
  • Some places will refuse to take coins

If you manage to come up with $100 worth of coins, the 10.9% bite will take you all the way down to $89.10 worth of cash when you get it exchanged. That is a big loss just to have paper currency.

Can You Fight The Fees?

Good luck fighting these fees by yourself. The machine will let you know that it is going to charge a fee for the service you are partaking in, but you are not going to have many options about what to do next if you are actively in the store and trying to move on with your day. There may be people waiting in line behind you to use the machine, and you are not likely to get a lot of help from a store manager on this. Banks can get away with this because:

  • There are a lot of people who have coins lying around their house.
  • There is a stigma about paying for things with coins.
  • Wallets and purses are best designed to carry paper currency.

It is pretty wild to think about the fact that people are willing to give up almost 11% of their money just because they don't want to have to carry that money around in the form of coins. The coins are tender, and there is nothing wrong with using them to pay for things, but that is not how society views it in many cases.

DoNotPay Can Help You Fight Back

If you want to get TD Bank coin machine fees waived with DoNotPay but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.

  2. Enter the name of your bank.

  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.

  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

Why Trust DoNotPay?

Instead of trying to argue with someone when you are at the store exchanging your coins, you should hold off until you are able to speak with DoNotPay representatives. They are better trained on how to help claw back some of the fees that you have been charged by a bank that you are probably a loyal customer to in the first place. You probably cannot get the fees back on your own when you are there in the store, but DoNotPay knows how to negotiate with the bank to help you clear up these fees more effectively.

They have a track record of being:

  • Highly effective - They leverage their size and influence to bring you results.
  • Customer-oriented - They help show you exactly what they are doing each step of the way so you always know why they are making the decisions they are making.
  • Forceful when necessary - Sometimes the only thing that a big bank responds to is a show of force. DoNotPay is not afraid to do this when necessary.

DoNotPay works across other financial institutions easily and hassle-free.

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You might not know how you can get back coin machine fees on your own but DoNotPay certainly knows what needs to be done. If you are ready to get on the right side of fees then you need their help right now.

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