Appeal Bank of America Wire Transfer Fees In 4 Easy Steps

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How to Appeal a Bank of America Wire Transfer Fee With DoNotPay

Banks serve an important purpose, allowing you to monitor and maintain your accounts and be secure in the knowledge that your money is protected. Banks are still in business for themselves, however, and when it comes to bank fees, you might feel as though your bank is protecting their interests rather than yours. Bank fees can really add up over time, forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars per year just to complete normal transactions.

If you are concerned about the expense of a , look no further. DoNotPay has experience helping bank customers waive unfair fees and get the help that they need appealing arbitrary fees. Read on to learn how to handle a Bank of America wire transfer fee on your own and how to use DoNotPay in order to save time and even money.

How Much Is a Bank of America Wire Transfer Fee?

A popular bank that offers you instant access to your funds and financial solutions for a wide variety of needs, Bank of America features "financial guidance for every stage of life," according to their website. As popular as Bank of America is with customers, however, they do have a set list of fees that they charge customers for certain services. , to allow you to send funds to someone else via wire. Here's what you should know about completing a wire transfer through Bank of America:

  • You can complete domestic or international wire transfers through Bank of America.
  • The fee for wire transfer varies and is subject to change at any time.
  • You can complete a wire transfer through Bank of America's online banking feature, or in person at a Bank of America location near you.
  • In the case of international wire transfers, special fees might apply, depending on foreign taxes and other procedures that are in place at that specific financial institution.

Ultimately, there's not a set fee that Bank of America advertises for wire transfers. If you are someone who needs to complete a lot of wire transfers (which might be the case if you do business internationally) you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on this service. You might feel as though these fees are unfair - and you are not alone.

Bank of America Fees You Should Know About

Bank of America charges a variety of fees for common services. Here are some of the most important bank fees that you should know about:

Overdraft item fee:$35 for each item over $1
Overdraft Protection transfer fee.$12 per transfer
Non-Bank of America ATM fee for transactions within the United States.$2.50
Non-Bank of America ATM fee for transactions outside the United States.$5.00
Replacement ATM or debit card fee.$5.00 per card

How to Appeal a Bank of America Wire Transfer Fee on Your Own

Paying bank fees doesn't have to be an unfortunate fact of life. You do have the right to appeal the fees that you believe are unfair. Here's how to go about appealing a Bank of America wire transfer fee:

1. Contact Bank of America

You have a few options for reaching out to Bank of America. You can visit the branch nearest you and let the manager on duty know that you believe the wire transfer fee you were charged is unfair. You can also contact Bank of America online, either through the website or by sending a message via social media.

Here is some contact information for Bank of America:

By Mail:Bank of America Corporate Center

100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28255

Online:Visit Bank of America online or schedule an appointment online here
By Phone:Call 800.432.1000

2. Plead Your Case to Have the Fee Waived

Once you are in touch with a representative, explain why you think the fee is unfair. Explain how much you have spent on the fee, and note how long you've been a Bank of America customer. It's possible that they will be willing to work with you on getting some (or all) of the fee returned to you.

3. Wait for a Resolution

In some cases, you will get an answer from Bank of America right away. In other instances, you might have to wait a while to hear back, especially if you choose to contact the bank online. Be patient, and know that you did what you could to explain your case.

Use DoNotPay to Waive Unfair Bank Fees

DoNotPay can help you get any unfair bank fee waived, not just a Bank of America wire transfer fee. DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.
  2. Enter the name of your bank.
  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.
  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

DoNotPay Can Help With Any Bank Fee Question or Concern

Do you have other banking questions and concerns related to fees? Check out how DoNotPay can help you:

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