Fight Email Spam

Over 300 billion emails are sent daily in the U.S., the vast majority of them being promotional. Nobody wants to spend 30 minutes each day clearing their inbox, but you can't risk missing out on an important business email either. An inbox should be your personal space! Read our guides and learn how to stop email spam for good and keep your inbox clean.
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Fight Email Spam

How To Block Emails on Hotmail the Easy Way

According to the National Technology Readiness Survey and Maryland’s Business School, the average time spent deleting spam messages per day is 2.8 minutes. If we multiply that by 365 days in a year, we get 17 days we’d rather spend with our family and friends, or going on a vacation to recharge the . . .
Fight Email Spam

Why You Are Suddenly Getting a Lot of Spam Emails

Have you noticed a surge of spam emails asking for subscription or newsletter confirmations in your inbox? My friend, you may be under a spam bomb attack. Email bombing is a form of cyber attack manifested in numerous unsolicited emails sent to your address. It can have negative consequences for businesses . . .
Fight Email Spam

Why Am I Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites?

Do you keep getting spam emails from dating sites, even if you’ve never paid any of those a visit? Even worse, do you sometimes get adult content spam from some obscure sites you have never even heard of? Unfortunately, the only reason why you received a spam email of any kind could be because you . . .
Fight Email Spam

How to Stop Bitcoin Spam Email

Ever since Bitcoin was created in 2009, the cryptocurrency has been dividing people’s opinions on it. A decentralized, completely transparent form of digital money certainly has many appeals. Unfortunately, like any other cryptocurrency, bitcoins are often used in scam attempts. If you received any . . .
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⭐ How Do I Permanently Block an Email Address

Do you have a separate email for each service you subscribe to because you know they will flood you with promo emails? Is there a company that refuses to remove you from their emai . . .
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How to Stop eBay Emails

With over 174 million active buyers worldwide, eBay is one of the most popular online shopping centers in the world. If you are using the service, you know that your inbox gets overloaded with spam within days of subscribing. This is because—apart from regular notification emails—sellers on eBay . . .

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How to Mark Emails as Spam

You get another promo email from that one website you subscribed to two years ago. How do you deal with it? Ignore it? Let it go to your Promotion label on your Gmail account? Keep your fingers crossed that there is an opt-out option at the end of the email? Go to the website to try to dig out the unsubscribe . . .

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How to Stop Emails From Twitter

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking platform that allows you to post short texts (known as "tweets"), to share thoughts and opinions publicly, and to acquaint the audience with the goings-on. It is a go-to for public exposure of events, public figures, new releases, and so much . . .

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How to Stop Netflix Spam Email

Netflix hardly needs an introduction. The hugely popular subscription-based streaming service giant is available in nearly all countries worldwide and, a s of April 2020, counted over 182.8 million paid subscriptions globally. Of the overall number, nearly 70 million paid subscribers come from the U.S. . . .

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How to Block Email Tracking Once and for All

If you had any doubts about whether your emails are being tracked, unfortunately, the answer is yes. A company called One More Company released a study that revealed that 85% of all emails received is made up of newsletters, marketing materials, or messages of transactional nature. A hard-to-believe . . .

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How Do I Stop Emails From Discord?

Discord is a globally popular, invite-only group-chatting platform. Originally, it was released in 2015 to cater to gamers but has since widened its reach to numerous other communities and groups. In 2019, the company reported that it had about 250 million user accounts and 14 million active daily users. . . .

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How to Block Emails on Comcast

Comcast is one of the largest and most successful telecommunications companies in the world. Comcast users can experience spam emails in their Xfinity inbox. Do you find spam and mass emails on Xfinity annoying? DoNotPay can help you resolve Comcast email spam problems in a few simple steps. How Do . . .

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How to Stop American Express Spam Email

American Express, also known as AmEx, is an American multinational financial services giant that mostly caters to high-income customers with a solid credit score. AmEx is nowadays best known for its charge cards, credit cards, and traveler’s cheques, but it’s a little known fact that it started as . . .

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How to Get Rid of Yahoo Spam Email

Yahoo is an American web service provider founded in 1994. Stationed in California, Yahoo offered various services such as web portal, search engine, and Yahoo mail. It's been a long time since Yahoo mail was updated, which makes it difficult to deal with spam email efficiently. DoNotPay can help you . . .

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A Guide on Reporting Email Abuse

Spam email can come in many forms, and some of the content that crams up your inbox can be downright abusive. Even after you unsubscribe from emails coming from specific senders, they can still pop up in your inbox. If you had the misfortune to be the victim of email abuse, here is everything you need . . .

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