Convenient Way of Reporting Tax Fraud in Georgia

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Your Guide to Online Reporting of Tax Fraud in Georgia

As you might be aware, tax fraud is a common occurrence across the globe. The misconduct happens in ways many people do not realize. According to a recent finding by the IRS, the net tax gap – the difference between taxes owed and how much gets paid – is estimated at an annual $381 billion. The highest amount of these dollars come from huge companies that find ways to manipulate numbers and end up not paying their dues.

Whenever these big companies and corporations get away with their taxes, the burden passes down to the standard Americans who pay their taxes duly. This act is illegal and highly unfair; the reason why DoNotPay created a way for users to fight back.

DoNotPay's new tax fraud product enables you to report any suspicious tax activity and earn cash rewards. By answering a few questions regarding the suspected company, DoNotPay files the report and sends it to the relevant authorities on your behalf; as a result, you can earn between 15-30% of what the IRS collects. Therefore, don't hesitate to .

What Does Tax Fraud Mean?

Tax fraud is an incident whereby an individual or a business entity willfully and intentionally gives false information regarding a tax return to limit the liability. Essentially, tax fraud involves lying about a tax return to avoid paying the tax obligation.

In America, all taxpayers must file returns voluntarily and pay their due taxes accordingly; failure to which constitutes tax fraud.

There are several indicators that an individual or a company is not doing the right thing as far as tax is concerned. Below are some of the signs used by the investigators:

  • Underreporting or failing to report income
  • Using false Social Security number
  • Manipulating your documents
  • Knowingly and willfully failing to pay your taxes
  • Failing to collect employees taxes
  • Failure to withhold
  • Asset concealment

What Are the Penalties for Tax Fraud in Georgia?

Although tax fraud is considered a white-collar crime in Georgia, it can still attract severe punishment. A tax fraud conviction can result in a jail term of up to one year. The convicts must pay damages or restitution to the Georgian government. Penalties increase to involve other penalties if other charges like money laundering accompany the crime.

Why Should You Report Tax Fraud in Georgia?

It's the responsibility of every citizen to pay tax duly. If you are also responsible, you should consider reporting any suspected entity to the relevant authorities. Several reasons make it necessary to report tax infidelities. Find them below:

  • Tax fraud denies any government finances to spend on critical areas that help humanity. Governments use taxes to fund schools, hospitals and compensate old citizens. Reporting the mischief is beneficial not only to the government but also to all the citizens.
  • Reporting tax fraud can be lucrative to the reporter, as they may receive rewards from the IRD.
  • Reporting tax fraud may block the convict from committing the offense again.

How to Report Tax Fraud in Georgia on Your Own

For tax fraud suspicion, you can report the vice directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue. You'll do this by filling in a Fraud referral form by visiting the department's official website. In the form, you'll need to fill in the following:

  1. Name of the suspected person or company
  2. Social security number
  3. Location of the business

If you're confused about where to start, you can find resources online to help you perform this noble task. It's also prudent to know how to report identity theft to GA for tax professionals, as this helps you whenever you become a victim.

Reporting tax fraud on your own may prove hard, making it the reason many platforms exist online to help you perform the task. DoNotPay is the best of the many ways available. By answering a few questions, DoNotPay files a report to the IRS on your behalf and sends it to the responsible authorities.

How to Report Tax Fraud in Georgia Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay is the most convenient way to report tax fraud online in Georgia. By the following five simple steps, and the whole process will end in minutes:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Report Tax Fraud product.
  2. Enter the business you would like to report for tax fraud.
  3. Provide the details of suspicious activity and as much evidence as you can provide.
  4. Confirm your contact information.
  5. DoNotPay will automatically generate the official report and send it on your behalf. The IRS will contact you regarding cash rewards once they finish investigating the case.

Why You Should Choose DoNotPay to Report Tax Fraud Online in Georgia

Below are the reasons you should choose DoNotPay over other platforms when it comes to reporting tax fraud in GA:

Time-savingDoNotPay helps you to settle the reporting issue within the shortest time possible. Therefore, you don't have to wait for hours to submit the report.
Easy to UseWith DoNotPay, you don't use too much effort to fill the online forms
ReliableDoNotPay never disappoints; you lie back comfortably knowing that your problem is well solved.

DoNotPay, not only helps you on tax reporting matters but also in performing many other activities. Our product also works in the UK, where it files the report to the HMRC rather than the IRS. We also offer all users the option to remain anonymous (however, anonymous reporters are not eligible for monetary rewards.)

Whenever you find any tax fraud case in Georgia, don't hesitate to report the matter to the Georgia Department of Revenue. DoNotPay is the deal. Try it now, and you'll not regret it.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Reporting tax evasion and fraud in Georgia is just the beginning. DoNotPay can also help you:

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