Three Ways to Report Tax Fraud in Colorado

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Who to Report Tax Fraud to in the State of Colorado?

While having to pull out and pay taxes isn’t something that warrants fun, it is essential so that the state of Colorado can thrive and everyone contributes their portion of taxes. Unfortunately, there are situations where someone is taking advantage of the system. Should you discover that someone is cheating on their taxes and not paying their fair share, you need to know where and . Dealing with the different tax agencies can be difficult and sometimes feel as though it is not worth the effort.

If you are aware of someone committing tax fraud, and you want to report them, you can do so by remaining anonymous and maintaining your civic duty. There are some ways to make a positive impact without it being time-consuming.

What are Common Types of Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud is the act of someone incorrectly submitting their income as a way to keep from paying taxes. In many cases, they are either omitting the income altogether or they are reporting it to be less than what it really is. When this happens, they are reducing their own tax burden, which is both illegal and not fair to those who report appropriately and pay as they should.

Some of the most common tax fraud cases in Colorado include the following:

  • Purposely forgetting to include part of income on tax documents when filing.
  • Reporting a false income as a way to receive benefits or be eligible for tax credits.
  • Forgetting to report cash payments made to the business where there was a revenue gain.
  • Not reportting cash payments made to those who are employed as contractors, thereby avoiding a W-2 or 1099 tax form.
  • Landlords not reporting rental income for rental properties.
  • Parents or other individuals making a tax claim for children that they do not care for primarily.

Should I Report these Tax Fraud Scams?

When one person commits tax fraud, over time, it affects every other citizen who pays their portion of their taxes, and can also affect the amenities all citizens have access to in their community. When it happens on a larger scale, and they continue to get away with it, taxes can increase for those who have been paying and continue to report properly. They also continue to enjoy public benefits paid for by law-abiding taxpayers.

How to Report Tax Fraud on Your Own in Colorado

If you have information regarding a Colorado citizen who is committing tax fraud, you may not be sure how to go about reporting that information. There are two places where you can and should report this information:

  1. Colorado Department of Revenue
  2. IRS

You can make these reports by completing a form with the information and submitting it to either the Colorado Department of Revenue or the IRS.

LocationHow to Submit
Colorado Dept of RevenueAt the Colorado Dept of Revenue, you can complete a form for possible tax form and mail it to their office. The form is available in a PDF format to print, or you can complete an online form and submit it quickly.
IRSIf you want to report this same issue to the IRS for federal taxes, IRS Form 3949A is available online to print, complete, and then mail to the provided address on the form. They can also be reached by phone at (800) 829-1040 for any questions you have about submitting the information.

Can I Use DoNotPay to Report These Scams?

If you would like to use a more convenient option, the world’s first AI Consumer Champion, DoNotPay, can assist you with reporting this information by completing the forms for you. This makes the process easy to report and takes the stress off of you when filing.

How to Report Colorado Tax Fraud Using DoNotPay

When you choose DoNotPay to report your tax fraud information in Colorado, you simply use the following steps to complete the report.

  1. Open the DoNotPay Report Tax Fraud product.
  2. Enter the business you would like to report for tax fraud.
  3. Provide the details of suspicious activity and as much evidence as you can provide.
  4. Confirm your contact information.
  5. DoNotPay will automatically generate the official report and send it on your behalf. The IRS will contact you regarding cash rewards once the case is investigated.

Why Should I Use DoNotPay to Report These Tax Fraud Scams?

Trying to do the right thing is not always easy, especially when paperwork and tax offices are involved. When you allow DoNotPay to make this report for you, the hassle of going through and checking documentation, reviewing paperwork, and just overall demand is removed from your plate. Since it is so easy to report tax fraud scams in Colorado with DoNotPay, the only question left is “Where do I sign up?”

Is DoNotPay Limited to Tax Fraud Reporting?

While it works well with reporting tax fraud scams in Colorado and across the country, there are more options available when you choose DoNotPay. The services available can include other stressful errands in just a few moments of your time.

If you need assistance with any of the following, DoNotPay is what you need:

  • File conversion of your documents
  • Notarize documents
  • Assist with interstate commerce tax fraud reports

DoNotPay can give you so much of your time back because it is so fast and easy. All you need to do is simply select what you need and push a button, allowing DoNotPay to do the rest for you. After you report your , take a tour to see what else is out there for you to discover and use the next time you need assistance.

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