Find Out Where To Report Tax Fraud in New Jersey

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Where to Report Tax Fraud in New Jersey Fast

New Jersey relies on its citizens to report and assist in combating tax fraud. Unfortunately, like any other type of scam, tax frauds are prevalent. The IRS estimates over $381 billion net tax gap, primarily due to large corporations finding ways to avoid tax compliance.

A New Jersey resident was recently charged with tax fraud, which proves the effort by the authorities to curb this vice. However, there is a need from every member of the public to take the initiative and help stop tax fraud. Below is a guide on how to report tax fraud to the IRS in New Jersey.

Types of Tax Frauds

There are varying types of tax fraud in New Jersey, including:

  1. Failure to comply with tax laws
  2. Failure to withhold
  3. Organized crime
  4. Unreported income
  5. Failure to pay tax
  6. A false or altered document
  7. Kickbacks
  8. False exemptions or deductions.

Regardless of the type, the IRS provides different channels to report tax fraud in New Jersey.

Where to Report Tax Fraud in New Jersey

You have three options to report tax fraud in New Jersey. The first option is to report tax fraud to the IRS. However, the IRS does not take tax law fraud or violation referrals over the phone. To do so, you will need to report it to the New Jersey Division of Taxation. These options are explained further below:

OnlineThe easiest way is to fill out the form provided online by the IRS.
MailIf you have evidence to back your report, you mail it to the New Jersey Division of Taxation Regional Information Center.
PhoneCitizens who wish to report suspected tax violations can also use 609-322-6057, a 24-hour recorded tip line. This also applies to allegations of poor behavior or conduct by Department of Treasury employees or New Jersey Taxation personnel. Alternatively, you can choose to mail the New Jersey Department of Treasury Office of Criminal Investigation in Trenton.

These options may seem a little tedious. Thankfully, there is a quicker and much easier option available. You can report tax evasion and fraud in New Jersey state via DoNotPay. We can help you report a business or boss whether you choose to remain anonymous or not.

How to Report Tax Fraud in New Jersey

The IRS provides form 3949-A Information Referral if you suspect a business or individual isn't complying with tax laws. Fortunately, you can file your report anonymously for different personal reasons. The IRS keeps your identity confidential once you file a tax fraud report. However, you may not receive progress or status updates because of tax return confidentiality under IRC 6103.

An alternative to filling out this online form is sending a letter to the IRS. In the letter you send, include as much information as necessary, including:

  • Your name, telephone number, and address
  • The estimated amount of any unreported income
  • The time of the suspected tax fraud
  • A brief description of the fraud you are reporting. This also includes how you obtained the information.
  • The employer's Identification Number or the individual's social security number
  • The details of the individuals you are reporting.

Here is a sample letter for reporting tax fraud to the IRS.

How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity in New Jersey

DoNotPay provides an easier channel to report any suspected tax fraud or evasion activity. Here is how to report:

  1. Access our .
  2. Locate the DoNotPay tax fraud report.
  3. Key in the company you want to report.
  4. Describe the details of the suspected activity and provide as much evidence as you can.
  5. Confirm your contact data.
  6. DoNotPay generates the official report automatically and sends it to the IRS on your behalf.

Tax fraud instances include someone claiming your child on taxes or your boss or landlord being involved in tax fraud.

How to Report Tax Fraud Anonymously

DoNotPay can help you file the report anonymously. It is the middleman to help you report tax fraud without sharing your information. However, by reporting anonymously, you are not entitled to rewards.

Rewards for Reporting Tax Fraud in New Jersey

If you choose to report tax fraud independently, you can choose to claim a reward for information about tax fraud. To do this, you need to fill in Form 211, which is the Application for Award of Original Information.

On the other hand, if you choose to report tax fraud with DoNotPay services, you can also get a reward for reporting tax fraud. The reward typically ranges up to 30% of the entire amount that the IRS collects. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, you won't be eligible for the reward if you choose to remain anonymous when reporting tax fraud.

What Else Can DoNotPay Offer

DoNotPay provides a wide selection of services besides helping you report tax fraud. These include:

  • Canceling subscriptions and membership
  • Getting refunds for missed or canceled flights
  • Dealing with overwhelming bills
  • Finding unclaimed funds in your name
  • Avoiding spam emails
  • Signing up for digital services without phone authentication
  • Avoiding stalking and harassment
  • Reporting tax fraud in different states such as California or New York.

Are you looking for an anonymous way to report NJ tax evasion? The IRS provides forms online for New Jersey residents to report sales tax fraud NJ and any other form of tax fraud. If you suspect any tax fraud, you can choose to report independently.

Alternatively, you can access DoNotPay's web browser for a more effective process. With this service, you can choose to report anonymously, which doesn't entitle you to a reward. Use DoNotPay for your tax fraud reporting or related needs.

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