How to Get PNC Bank Wire Fees Refunded Effortlessly

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Protect Your Finances by Getting Your PNC Bank Wire Fee Waived

If you often send money via wire transfers, then paying may be difficult for you. PNC Bank charges a fee for both domestic and international wire transfers, though it also offers you the option of using Zelle for which there is no charge.

If you often do wire transfers to friends or family members, you may find it difficult to keep paying PNC Bank's wire fee each time. This is where DoNotPay can step in and help you to get the wire fee waived. DoNotPay can also help you learn more about overdraft fees and other bank surcharges and how to get them waived.

What Fees Does PNC Bank Charge?

If you bank with PNC Bank, you may have to pay a number of .

  • To maintain a checking account, you will have to pay $5/month unless you are under 18, have $300 on average in the account or have scheduled an auto transfer of $25 from your savings to your checking every month.
  • To replace a debit card, you will have to pay $7.50, plus another $25 for expedited delivery.
  • To withdraw money from a PNC ATM, there is no charge, but at any other ATM within the US, there is a $3 charge which goes up to $5 if you withdraw money internationally. These ATM fees can add up to a lot.
  • The overdraft fee is $36 at PNC Bank. If the item is returned, the $36 fee still applies.
  • Mini statements at ATMs will cost you $1.50-$2.50.
  • There are also fees for going over your transaction limit ($3), when a deposited item is returned unpaid ($12), to stop the payment on a debit or electronic transfer ($35) and to do a wire transfer ($5-$45).

Overall, banking with PNC Bank can turn out to be expensive. However, if you compare PNC Bank's monthly fee with other banks in the US, it is lower.

According to CNBC, the average monthly fee for an interest checking account is $16.35. In contrast, PNC only charges you $5 for an interest checking account. So in some respects, PNC Bank's charges are actually lower than the national average.

How Much Is PNC Bank's Wire Transfer Fee?

If you do a number of wire transfers, then you might want to keep track of PNC Bank's wire transfer fees.

  • For incoming domestic wires, PNC Bank charges $15 each.
  • If you go to the bank and have an agent assist you to send a domestic wire, that will cost you $30.
  • If you do a self-service (online) outgoing domestic wire transfer, that's going to be a little cheaper, at $25.
  • An incoming international wire transfer will set you back $15.
  • Going to the bank and having an agent assist you with an international wire transfer will cost you $45.
  • A self-service outgoing international wire transfer will cost you $40.
  • PNC Bank also does something called an international money transfer. It's only available for certain countries and certain banks. There are also some limitations on the amount of the transaction. But if these conditions are fulfilled, then you will only have to pay $5.

Overall, you may end up paying quite a bit for both domestic and international wire transfers, especially if you go to the bank and have someone assist you with it.

Using Zelle to Do a Wire Transfer at PNC

If you find it too expensive to do a wire transfer at PNC Bank, you also have the option of using Zelle. Here's what you need to know about Zelle:

  • If you have a PNC online banking ID, a cell phone, a US number or email and a virtual wallet/checking account, you can use Zelle.
  • Use Zelle only to send money to people you trust.
  • You can receive as much money as you want with Zelle, but there is a limit on how much you can send. You can check this limit on your PNC mobile app.
  • You can't use Zelle from a business account.
  • The transaction only takes a few minutes, but the other person also has to be enrolled in Zelle.
  • There is NO FEE for PNC customers to use Zelle. The person you are sending money to may have to pay something, depending on their bank's policies.
  • A payment once sent cannot be cancelled. The only time it may be possible to cancel it is when the other person is not enrolled in Zelle.
  • Zelle can't be used for international wire transfers.

So if you do a lot of domestic wire transfers, Zelle is a good option for you, since PNC doesn't charge you anything to use it. However, Zelle will not work to send money internationally.

Getting Your PNC Wire Transfer Waived With DoNotPay

If you do a lot of wire transfers, you might end up paying a number of wire transfer fees at PNC Bank. Fortunately, there are some ways around these fees. You can look up the international money transfer which only costs $5 and use Zelle which is free. However, there are a number of restrictions on international money transfer, and it might be difficult to figure out how to use Zelle.

The simplest, easiest way to avoid paying hefty fees is to use DoNotPay. All you have to do is enter some basic information and DoNotPay will take care of the rest. Additionally, you can use DoNotPay to get all your PNC Bank fees waived, not just the wire transfer fee.

If you want to get your PNC Bank wire fees waived with DoNotPay but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.

  2. Enter the name of your bank.

  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.

  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

Waiving Other Fees With DoNotPay

Keep in mind that DoNotPay doesn't only help you to waive wire transfer fees at PNC Bank. The same DoNotPay product can also be used to waive various fees at various financial institutions.

Bank of America overdraft feesChase Bank

overdraft fees

Citizens Bank overdraft feesFifth Third Bank overdraft fees
Bank of America

ATM fees


transfer to bank fees

TD Bank

overdraft fees

Wells Fargo

checking account overdraft fees


From time to time, it may be necessary for you to send wire transfers to friends and family members who live in the US and abroad. Each time you do this, you don't want to have to end up paying hefty fees which cut into your finances.

It's a good idea to use DoNotPay and get your wire fees waived at PNC Bank. You may end up being so pleased with the result that you might want to use DoNotPay to waive all your other fees too.

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