How to Dispute PNC Bank Foreign Transaction Fees

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How to Dispute PNC Bank Foreign Transaction Fees

Are you planning a trip outside of the United States? Before you travel, call your local bank to see if they provide foreign currency services. Your foreign currency order will be delivered to your branch within 24 to 48 hours in most circumstances. PNC may purchase it back for U.S. dollars when you return with extra money right away. They provide low rates and don't charge any transaction fees.

If you're making an international purchase, paying international tuition fees, or need to send money to a bank account outside of the U. S, PNC is your best option. They'll send an international foreign currency wire transfer by debiting your PNC dollar account.

When you buy anything in a foreign nation or from a merchant outside the United States, the is 3% of the purchase price. This 3% international fee is charged on most PNC cards.

PNC can let you receive electronic currency payments from nations outside the United States. PNC may also convert foreign currency checks issued on international banks to U.S. dollars and deposit them into your PNC account. But there are several limitations.

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What Is an Overdraft?

You can borrow money from your bank when you need to make a payment that exceeds your typical bank account balance. In these circumstances, overdrafts are beneficial. You must pay a fee besides the interest rate when you take out an overdraft. Overdraft costs often range from $30 to $35.

Here's a quick look at the overdraft fees charged by some of the most well-known banks.

BanksThe Cost of Overdraft Fees per Item
Wells Fargo$35
Bank of America$35

Some banks may need you to open an additional bank account with them to get an overdraft in the future. Others, like Chase, may lend you money in the middle of a transaction if you don't have an overdraft protection account.

What Is an ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transfer Fee?

It's an electronic network that lets financial institutions transmit money to one another. ACH handles many transactions, totaling billions of dollars in value.

The ACH system is used to deposit checks, pay loans, and process credit or debit card payments in batches. At its most basic level, an ACH transfer is a transaction that transmits money electronically from one bank to another.

While sending money by ACH is simple, the convenience may come at a cost. However, many banks do not charge fees for ACH transactions.

On the other hand, some banks will charge a fee for the service.

BankACH Transfer FeeProcessing Time
Citizen's Bank$3 for standard-time delivery and $10 for next-business-day delivery1-3 business days
Bank of America$0 for inbound transfers, $3 for standard-time delivery$10 for next-day delivery
M&T Bank$31-3 business days
PNC Bank$0 if done online, $3 if done in-branch2-3 business days

What Is an ATM Fee?

Depending on whether the ATM you use is in-network or even overseas, bank ATM fees can range from $2.50 to $5 or more for each transaction. When you make withdrawals, deposits, or even essential balance queries from an ATM that your bank doesn't control, you may be charged a slew of additional costs. These fees are sometimes levied by your bank and the firm that runs the ATM you use.

The normal ATM withdrawal costs levied by each bank are shown below.

BankNon-Network ATM FeeInternational ATM FeeATM Operator Fee
BB&T$2.50$5.00 and 3%$2.50
Bank of America$2.50$5.00 and 3%$3.00
BBVA Compass$2.50$2.50 and 3%-

PNC Bank Foreign Transaction Fee Explained

Making and receiving payments in currencies other than U.S. dollars is common in international transactions. Importers commonly get invoices in foreign currency and must pay international suppliers in their currency. Invoicing in local currency also gives exporters a competitive edge.

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