The Fastest Way to Recover Your Forgotten LaView Password

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The Fastest Way to Recover Your Forgotten LaView Password

LaView Security is a home security system and network video surveillance product manufacturer. They offer a range of products, from HD security systems to Wi-Fi cameras, and more. When you set up a security system from LaView, you need to create an administrator password. Unfortunately, if you lose or forget your LaView password, you will be unable to access your security system.

If you're having difficulties accessing your account, DoNotPay can help. It is possible to recover your and access your security system again. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to recover your lost password, and how DoNotPay can simplify the process.

How to Reset Your Forgotten LaView Password By Yourself

Unfortunately, resetting your is a bit of a hassle and requires several steps. If you're ready to tackle this process on your own, here is what you should do:

  • Locate your system's model number.
  • Identify the date that is displayed on your system's main view.
  • Log on to a web browser and send an email to, asking for a system password reset. Include the date and model number information.
  • Wait for a reply from a LaView technician, and follow their instructions to obtain a temporary system password that will allow you to access your account again.

There is no way for you to reset your LaView account password without getting in touch with a Laview technician. You must wait for a member of their team to assign you a temporary code so that you can regain access.

Where Can I Find My LaView System Model Number

If you're having difficulty locating your system's model number, follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the log-in screen by clicking on the Menu option.
  2. On the log-in screen, double-click on the lower left corner of the log-in box. There is not any bottom here for you to click on, just an empty space.
  3. A window will pop up that says "restore default password", with your system serial number and a box below for you to input the temporary security code you will later receive from a LaView technician.

Locating the model number for laview systems can be tricky since no button tells you where to double-click to view the information. However, if you follow these steps, you shouldn't have any problems.

What Happens After I Log in With a Secure Code?

After you receive your one-time security code from a LaView technician and log in, your system will automatically change your password to 12345. You will need to follow the system prompts to set up a new password.

The process of changing a forgotten LaView password can be quite time-consuming. It is especially frustrating since being able to access your security systems is very important. Luckily, you don't have to navigate this process alone. DoNotPay can help you easily reset any lost password.

How to Reset Your LaView Password With DoNotPay

You can skip the hassle and reset your password in just a few quick steps with DoNotPay. Whether you've forgotten your Lorex DVR password, Amcrest password, or another account, we've made the recovery process as simple as possible:

  1. Go to the Recover Passwords product on DoNotPay and select the type of account you are trying to recover, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and more.

  2. Tell us more about your account, including usernames and associated emails and phone numbers.

  3. Help us verify your account ownership by entering the date you first created the account, when you last logged in, and any payment methods saved under the account.

  4. Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.

  5. Enter any last known or previously used passwords to help verify your identity.

  6. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

That’s it! Using DoNotPay to reset passwords is fast, easy, and successful.

DoNotPay Can Reset Any Forgotten Password

Our Recover Account Passwords product can be used on any type of online account. If you've forgotten a password or are having difficulties resetting it, we can solve the problem on your behalf in minutes. Regain access to accounts such as:

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We can help you regain access to any of your old accounts that you thought you'd never be able to access again. Skip the frustration of navigating online recovery systems and go straight to DoNotPay for the fastest solution.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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If you've been struggling to recover your forgotten LaView or Amcrest password, DoNotPay can get you back into your account as quickly as possible. Try our Recover Accounts Product today and let us take care of this situation for you.

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