Find Out How To Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare

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How to Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare Contracts Successfully

Do you regret purchasing a timeshare that has turned out to be a financial burden? Has the staggering truth about your Holiday Inn club vacations shocked you? Well, the timeshare vacations salespeople offer are the most luring, and you could be a victim of their unethical sales tactics.

Nevertheless, exiting a vacation timeshare can be a nightmare if you're not cautious. Most of the contracts are crazily entangling; therefore, before starting the process of finding your way out, you should take the time to determine the easiest way to do so.

Now, how do I cancel my Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshare? Luckily, is here to take care of the burden.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Cancel a Vacation Timeshare

As stated, you might be facing a blurry future due to some nagging factors like failing health or substantial financial change. You might also get a challenge when booking with the company's preferred dates.

However, the most critical reason causing timeshare cancellation is the failure of the properties to deliver the experiences promised at the beginning of the contract. Also, there may be an escalation of maintenance fees alongside many other charges not disclosed at the beginning of the contract. In the end, this becomes exorbitant, causing unnecessary distress and eventually the need for an exit.

IHG-Timeshare Cancellation

IHG timeshare or the Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshare cancellation policy depends on the state you purchased it. However, the cancellation procedure follows the same process with the other IHG most popular timeshares - the Orange Lake Resort.

Orange Lake timeshare cancellation might be hectic; nonetheless, one of their policies allows a take-back or deed back. In this policy, the Orange Lake Resorts may allow you to return the timeshare at a fee. No matter the fee amount, you'll be free from the annual maintenance charges.

Here are the options available to you if you want to get out of a timeshare:

Get out of a timeshare on your own.You can attempt to sell or give away your timeshare, contact the timeshare company, and ask to cancel or stop payments to the timeshare.
Enlist the help of a timeshare exit company.A timeshare exit company specializes in helping their customers out of their timeshare contracts but is a costly option.
Use DoNotPay to get out of your timeshare.A quick, easy, and cost-effective process to get out of your timeshare contract.

How to Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare on Your Own

Are you stuck with a Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshare agreement? Well, there are a few ways that you can legally cancel the contract and regain your freedom. However, the process might not be easy, as you might have to part with some dollars to be free again.

Like any other company timeshare contract, you can achieve Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare cancellation by following the ways below:

  1. You can take advantage of the rescission or cancellation period before it ends. For most companies, the grace period runs up to 14 days. The rescission period is the most demanded contract escape loophole and the most frequently missed due to the short time. If you recently purchased a timeshare with the Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you should find out about the rescission law of the particular state. Different states have different rules regarding the rescission period. If you're lucky, you can receive a full refund depending on the laws of the state or country you purchased your timeshare.
  2. Spot inaccuracies in the initial contract and cancel it based on misinformation. You should read the contract letter thoroughly to find any discrepancies like false advertising. If the contract doesn't mention certain charges or conditions, most states, such as Florida, offer consumer protection; thus, you'll be allowed to terminate the agreement.
  3. Negotiate with the company to end the agreement. While you may have to pay upfront fees, getting out now is better than being stuck paying annual fees forever.
  4. Sell your timeshare. Like giving it back, you can also sell your Holiday Inn Club Vacation timeshare. Although, you will have to incur the loss since you'll have to sell it at a lower price.
  5. Donate your timeshare. If selling out your timeshare doesn't work, consider donating it. Although you will lose your money, you'll avoid the annual charges.

Honestly, seeking to terminate a timeshare contract on your own can be an intimidating process. Therefore, seeking reputable timeshare exit companies can help you lighten the burden. However, the workability of exit companies may differ. Some may work directly to help you get rid of the timeshare, while others employ lawyers for the process.

DoNotPay is your favorite partner in this situation; we are here to help you solve the issue with ease. Worry no more.

How to Cancel Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare With the Help of DoNotPay

Has the reality of how much you spend every year on a timeshare that has no benefit dawned on you? You dread the process involved in seeking to cancel the agreement even more. Worry no more. DoNotPay is here to help you create your termination letter in three simple steps:

  1. Search "Cancel Timeshare Agreement" on DoNotPay.

  2. Tell us about the timeshare company, the contract name and number, the purchase date, and other details of your agreement.

  3. DoNotPay will generate a cancellation request letter on your behalf, leveraging all of the negotiation tactics mentioned above.

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If you have a timeshare that's exploiting your money and no longer benefits you, you can take bold action now and save your money in the future. is the way to go; it allows you to create your cancellation letter in a few minutes. Try it out today.

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